The beginning.

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Welcome to my lil blog!

Hey, so my name is Neve and welcome to my blog! I thought we could start with a little get to know me as my first post!

I’m from the UK and I’m a full-time student in the north east. Trying new things is pretty darn daunting to me but I figured it was now or never really and so here I am writing a blog, something I’ve rather longed to do for at least 7 years haha!

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I’m an eager traveller and I freaking love an adventure to a new place or somewhere I already love. This is predominantly why I thought to start a blog, so I can document everything! I grew up in the UK, Spain and New Zealand, I know it’s rather a few places but it was a tonne of fun!Through my parents love of travel and new adventures I ended up seeing my fair share of crazy exciting cultures and countries by the time I was 7.


Now at 20 I’ve travelled to most continents and I’m super excited to combat Bali this summer with my boyfriend leaving me with just a whole load more places I wanna explore and see! I plan to document each moment of my journeys around the globe alongside recipes and tips and tricks! Basically a bit of everything!


I feel like this will mostly begin as a travel blog, with tonnes of pictures and chatter of what I’ve seen and done then maybe turn into a whole lot more.  I hope you enjoy this journey with me!


Neve x

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