My comfort zone.

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My comfort zone!

Begin in my comfort zone is always something I’ve loved, not having to move from it and having all i need and enjoy in one place. My boyfriend recently however has started to push himself past his (and somehow got us The Wombats tickets last minute and went on the radio!!) and so I thought I’d try too with his help.

The first out of comfort zone recent experience, for me, was staying in a Hostel whilst we’re here in Amsterdam and oh lord is that out of mine! It is however a rather cool, yet loud experience. There is a diverse range of people surrounding us and there’s always something going on in the bar. A small step for mankind yet a huge step for Neve.


The second out of comfort zone experiences I’ve had lately, is writing this blog. Something I’ve longed to do FOREVER. I’ve always been a big reader, loving others blogs and wanting so desperately my own yet never finding the courage. I put it off for so long that I believed it would never happen, yet here we are, way out of my little comfort bubble and absolutely thriving.

Another instance when I’ve left my lovely little comfort zone recently is changing my hair colour. I know what you’re thinking..

“Ha yeah wow big woo”

…but I’ve had dyed black hair for THE longest time and I felt it right to go back to my natural blonde state… so I did, well practically! It took being ginger for a while and needing to have dark roots but hey I got there, out of my comfort zone!


Lastly, this summer i’m traveling to Bali and little old Neve is going in a group! A group holiday, with people i’ve never even met! I mean gosh if that’s not out there for me I really don’t know what is. I have always been more of a small group type of girl and typically none of my individual pals are friends with my other friends so to be in a large group getting to know people for 12 days is sure a step in a great direction for me!

My goals for this year included pushing myself and really trying to figure out what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go and I feel like exploring this side of myself is really pushing me to get there. I’m honestly rather the introvert,  stuck in my little habits but in some way I’ve proven to myself so far this year that I can push myself through these tiny changes.

I hope you try to get out of your comfort zone too and see where it takes you.

Neve x

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