April goals.

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I’ve always been a very organised and goal orientated lil human, I list and note and write everything I want to do, need to do and accomplish down. So why not write a post on my goals for this month?!

Since starting this blog my goals have changed, I have blog goals, personal goals and it’s even more exciting being able to try and achieve them all! I’ve decided now with even more goals on the first of each month I’m going to share them and at the end of each month I’ll see if I’ve met them at all.

So on to my blog goals for April!

Number 1

For my first goal I want it to be to get to 50 followers on my blog, (I know it’s rather a few but why not strive for many!)

Number 2

To get 100 views on my blog because why not? if I work hard enough I can totally do it!

Number 3

To write at least 2/3 blogs a week, to keep me focused and just as darn driven and excited.

Number 4

To get my twitter to 500 followers.

Number 5

lastly for my 5th blog goal i want it to be to continue to post and interact and grow on both twitter and here to self  promote and feel proud of myself.

IMG_20180329_150046.jpgI know 50 followers may not seem a load to some or 100 views but in the last week I’ve raked in more views than I ever imagined in a week and already gained 5 blog followers so to not set myself a goal would be to accept whatever comes and not strive and work for even more!


My personal goals…

Number 1

So personal goal number 1 is to read at least one book! I’ve had the third book in The Potion Diaries on my nightstand FOREVER yet still have not picked it up!!

Number 2

To finish my last full month of uni with no absences and to work hard on my last assignment of the year!

Number 3

To stick to my gym routine and not skive for 4 days at a time 🙈🙈 because you know in two months I have 45 days of holiday coming at me!

Number 4

I would love to spend more time on walks at the beach and just generally outside!

Number 5

Last but certainly most important person April goal – to drink no pop what so ever (I have a slight, possibly mild coca-cola addiction) no juice and only water, with the occasional cocktail and coffee obviously!

So there we have it, all my goals for the month! I know that if I work hard enough I can get there! Check back at the end of the month to see if I managed to complete any of them and let me know any of your goals for this month!


Happy Easter and gimme a little like if you enjoyed!

Neve x

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  1. Well, first of all, congrats on your first blogging experience! Second, I would love to read about your end-of-the-month accomplished goals. Third,I wish you much success in your future endeavors.

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