Nordic Inspired Home Haul!

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If you know me super well you know that I have a pretty darn bad spending habit. I mean if I see a nice plant pot goshhhh am I on that! Once I even made my boyfriend Jack carry a plant pot back home from Manchester, through Manchester all day, on the train home and then on a 20 minute walk, that poor boy!

So here I am today pushing the boat out from my travel blog post and about myself posts to give you a lil home haul of the bits and pieces I’ve picked up recently! I’m very much mixing up my bedroom decor adding in new pieces getting rid of clutter and I thought it would make a pretty cute post!


I’m a BIG plant person!

I have plants scattered all over our home much to Jack and I’s roommate’s dismay (but who hates plants I mean c’mon!) so what better way to start off my home haul but my new plant friend!


We picked up this little beauty for £3.50! I know you’re thinking “oh wow that’s so darn cheap!” and trust me I know!

Thank you IKEA!!

I picked it out for its lovely big leaves and the fact it doesn’t need to much sun – which is a must since it’s going into my  bedroom!


Next I got this unbelievably cute plant pot (shock!) I found this at TK Maxx and let me tell you, they have some of the best, cheapest pots imaginable! This Nordic style piece was only £4 and has its own gorgeous little feet!!!! Dyinggggg!


As you can see from my pictures and items I have a very white nordic style theme going on, very clean and very minimal as that the way I love it! This wall hanging is from Matalan and has a few little splashes of colour underneath all of its amazing tassels, I love this wall hanging and it goes so well beside my bedside table! At £12 I don’t feel I could have gone wrong with this piece! (Similar one here)

30176669_2104674032895189_1494227505_oNext  up we have another TK Maxx item, a huge basket that I have filled up with a throw and some of the bed pillows (here is a similar one as mine is now out of stock!)! It was £20 and is so worth the money, it will last me forever and matches each and every other piece in my home. I feel it’s rather versatile and I am considering at a later date using it to house a huge plant to be honest! But for now it stands proud with my plant pot in the corner of my little slice of heaven!


Last but 100% not least this fake hanging plant!

Another Matalan purchase this set me back about £6 I believe, it has  beautiful camel coloured wool and a little circular glass bowl full of stuck down stones and a little fake succulent! I would love love LOVE to hang this from a long window but sad times mine are velux and tiny! So I’ve strategically nailed it up from my low ceiling ahahah


I hope you’ve enjoyed my first ever home haul and enjoyed seeing the bits and pieces i’ve bought for my home! Let me know what you think and give it a little love! I have linked throughout for the items I have talked about however sadly three of them are no longer available and so I have used similar items!

Neve x

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