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A guide to Keukenhof Gardens!

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Flowers, windmills and a tonne of pictures!

Recently on my trip to Amsterdam I paid a visit to the very famous tulip fields, more specifically Keukenhof Garden’s! I thought today I would give some tips and tricks to get the most out of a day at Keukenhof!

To begin I really do recommend buying your tickets in advance online! There are some great deals available. The deal we chose, a combination ticket which included return transport from Schiphol airport! The ticket cost us around £24 and was so worth the money! They had many different tickets also available on their website here so that you can choose the best for you! As we chose the combi ticket from Schiphol we made our own way to the airport from central Amsterdam on the train.



We knew that we wanted to spend the entire day there and so obviously we thought about food! Keukenhof allows you to take in your own food and thank goodness for that! So in advance we went to the local supermarket and picked out lots of different bits and pieces to take along with us.


Before going we had no idea where we would eat or if there would even be certain places to eat! Upon arrival it is very evident that most people bring their own food and are very respectful of the garden’s! Making sure they clean up after themselves at the MANY different eating areas they had! We first chose to have a little snack by the huge fountain on the tables their and later ate the rest of our food at the picnic area on one of the many different benches and tables! There were also places to eat situated all over the garden’s! From all the way at the back to the far sides!


Make the most of your day!

To make the most of the hour trip to the gardens we set off early and got on the bus at 10, the buses run super frequently so it was easy to catch. The gardens bus even has its own bus stop just outside the airport which is signposted all the way through! We arrived at lunch time and we knew that we had a good 7 and a half hours left before the park closed! That’s right it’s open each day of its opening season  from 8am through till 19:30! So there is plenty of time to explore and explore again!

The gardens offer a free map right at their entrance and I definitely recommend grabbing one because boy is it a huge place! Obviously there is not correct way to walk around the gardens but we began by walking around from the right. We even sat down to plan a proper route so that we didn’t miss a thing! I defo would say that you need more than a couple of hours to fully appreciate and see the entire gardens! Plus to grab a few amazing pictures at all of the great picture spots! On top of this I would also highly recommend either ticking off the places you have visited on your map or to plan a route. There are many small sites to see that are not mentioned on the map itself and you wouldn’t want to miss a thing!


Not even a tiny thing!

Although a lot of the gardens is outdoors they do also have a couple of large warehouse style greenhouses that house a lot of different plants such as orchids that are super incredible to see as they have such a wide variety and so many different colours and arrangements!


After we had walked around for a while we deemed it time to have a tea break at one of the many little cafes. We chose a gorgeous outdoor one near the windmill! As per every single place I got a drink from in Amsterdam I just had to have a fresh mint tea! At very reasonable prices I do encourage everyone to have a little hot fresh mint tea break in one of the cafes. It so lovely to be able to sit and appreciate all of the flowers as you take a rest and enjoy my all time favourite drink!

Although the gardens are only open for a short while through the year I personally did not feel that they were too over crowded. It was just lovely and peaceful. This was by far my absolute favourite day in Amsterdam! Anyone going to visit between the end of March (22nd) and beginning of May (13th) for sure try to get yourself there! It is more beautiful than I could ever describe and suitable for everyone! They even have a small section of farm animals such as sheep, a turkey and goats!



Other fab facilities they have are; a play area for children, indoor and outdoor flowers, an insane amount of photo opportunities from inside boats, on hammocks, riding flower filled bikes, to statues of miffy!IMG_20180329_135318

I hope that this little Keukenhof guide is useful and may inspire you to visit! I have so so so many more pictures that i wanted to include on this guide but no space! Head to my Pictures to check out a load more! If you fancy seeing what else I did in Amsterdam make sure to check out my day by day post!

Neve x

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  1. Ahh, two of my friends just came back from Amsterdam as well and I’m well jealous. Keukenhof Gardens is so pretty and I wish to visit it one day. Great post and recommendation, hun! x Ain

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