5 simple tips how I get rid of clutter!

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Following on from my Nordic inspired haul here are 5 tips on how I get rid of clutter!

For as long as I can remember I have LOVED throwing out anything unnecessary and only keeping those important bits that make a difference or mean a load to me! This is how I’ve discovered my 5 simple steps and tips to get rid of clutter!

Growing up and moving around a tonne my parents instilled on me the importance of only having what truly matters to me and bits I love! I remember leaving Spain for England and having this huge pile of toys and boxes and pretty glasses and ornaments that I just had for the sake of it and gosh did I not wanna unpack it all on the other side! All I can remember feeling is much clearer as I gave it all to my mam for the local charity who donated it all to the poor in our lil town.

I have this mindset with my clothes, books, trinkets and decor! Giving all my unwanted goods to charity is something i’m super passionate about, why throw it in the bin when someone else can love it twice as much as you had? I truly believe that I feel more mentally cluttered and stressed when my surroundings are too full and not being maximised!


So here are 5 steps I use to make my life a little less cluttered!

Step 1 – Set a time to see if you need to de clutter!

Dedicate either a day or weekend, half a day or a spare couple hours to do this! On boxing day this past year with all of our new clothes ready to put away my boyfriend and I set aside 2 hours to go through and de-clutter our closets! This gave room for all our new items and ensured we weren’t keeping items that we had a very similar second for!  The 2 hours spent going through was painful but so rewarding and at the end I could see clearly all my new lil bits! It’s very important to set aside time because if not you may just never get round to it or fully commit!

Step 2 – Do you REALLYYYY need it?

Once you’ve picked your time to start going through your area/closet/room it’s time to start questioning yourself! Start off by asking yourself,  have I used it in the last 6 months or noticed it recently? If you have not, throw it! That one top you’re holding onto just because but haven’t worn in a year, give it to someone else! You don’t need that and all it’s doing is taking up space! I recently got rid of a tonne of little trinkets from glass pots to fake candles, little signs to old cushions that don’t fit my theme! As I gave them away all I could think was why had I held onto these items that I had not even recognised in a long time?!

Step 3 – Why do you have it?

So now that we have asked ourselves if we really need these items you may be still feeling a tad unsure about getting rid of that clutter! I now tend to walk around and ask myself, do I need this? Does it survive me a purpose? Do I use it? Have I read that recently or do I want to keep it for my kids? Do I even like that? Have I wore this in the past year? If not why are you here? I find when I do this I really discover a tonne of things I just keep and have and hoard for the sake of having it!

Step 4 – Space!

To ensure I only have things I really want, need and that maximise the aesthetic of my home I try to keep my spaces very open and with not a lot of room to place an unnecessary object on or to house unnecessary clutter! At my mam’s house I find that she has a tonne of different cabinets just to store all of her boyfriends clutter and leave their clutter on top of! He is rather a hoarder and absolutely hates getting rid of anything, from a spare nail that belongs to an item he no longer owns to his old broken down car that sits in their back garden!

Step 5 – organisation!

The last step I take to make sure I’m nice and clutter free is, organisation! I make sure i’m super organised, I make sure that the recycling goes out as soon as i’m done with it (totally not just because I have a tidying obsession), that the post is all put away either in my documents file or in the rubbish so that they’re not piling up and cluttering. I make sure that I dedicate time to clean and tidy up around me and in this time I often come across items I haven’t used in ages like massive mugs that are far too big for a cup of coffee!

It is not easy to become clutter free or even stay clutter free but if you find it hard to get rid of it all at once just go through and pick out an item a day! There is nothing wrong with pacing yourself! There is also nothing wrong with being completely cluttered and loving all your nostalgic items! These are just a few steps that I use to be clutter free, which I LOVE! Feel free to take on my tips or just lounge in your lovely items, as long as your happy that’s all that counts!

What are some tips and tricks you use to stay clutter free?

Neve x

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