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Todays post is one I’m so thankful and so excited for, The Mystery Blogger Award! I’m so happy to be sharing this post with you, I was nominated by an incredible blogger and I nominate some just as incredible bloggers whos blogs I love deeply! I hope you all enjoy it and give all these other girls a bit of love!


1 – Put the award logo on your blog!

2 – List the rules!

3 – Thank whomever nominated you and link them!

4 – Mention the creator of the award and provide a link too!

5 – Tell your reader 3 things about yourself!

6 – Nominate 10-20 bloggers!

7 – Notify the nominees by commenting on their blog!

8 – Ask your nominees 5 questions with one weird or funny one in there!

9 – share a link to your best post!

I got nominated by the wonderful, Mellissa at Perspective changes everything! Her blog is beautiful and you can find so many different posts! Things from her perspective, posts about learning as she goes along, she even has a non-fiction blog series were you can learn more about Melissa as a person and follow her husbands incredible journey after his accident last year! Go check out her bog here! Okoto Enigma is the creator of the Mystery Blogger Award and you can check her out here!

Three things about me!

1 – I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing with my life… To be honest I don’t really want to know! I really enjoy not knowing what my future is and just having a couple of years planned! Not going straight into a profession is a scary thing for me but its just as exciting!

2 – I have 3 tattoos so far! They are travel and nature themes, I have some small flowers on my ankle, an airplane on the back on my left arm and a pine tree on my shoulder blade! I plan on getting a wave and some mountains later this year.

3 – My parents are divorced and both have new partners that they live! I have 4 parents, 7 siblings, 5 nieces and a nephew!

The five questions asked by Melissa!

1 – What is your purpose for blogging?

My purpose for blogging is to have a creative outlet that I can put all my extra time in (I have a lot of it)! Something to look back on when I’m old and I cant remember all my travels and favourite things! I love the idea of being able to look back at how I was through my twenties and compare!

2 – What are five things i could not live without?

I could not live without tv shows because god do they make me so stupidly happy I know it sounds so stupid but it’s true! I couldn’t live without the sea, no matter where I have been the sea has been a constant in my life, there has always been the sea near my house and thats how I love it. The third thing I could not live without is my note book, without it I would be lost, I write absolutely everything down, I list and note take and without it I would forget everything!

Coffee is absolutely everything, I mean it’s always there for me warming me up and to have a chat over. The fact you can get flavoured coffee just makes it so that can’t live without it. Lastly I couldn’t live without is banana bread, theres no point in life if I cannot eat my fave thing ever!

3 – What is an embarrassing childhood memory?

I broke my arm by tripping over a school bag when i lived in New Zealand. Thats right, I tripped over a bag and broke my arm, I had to be in two casts for THE longest time.

4 – where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Not living in England, hopefully with my boyfriend still but married and with two children! I don’t really want to know where I will be in 10 years but I hope i’m happy and healthy and I hope that I feel like I have no regrets from my younger life.

5 – If your life was a reality show what would it be called?

I would LOVE for it to be called Life With Neve, that would be so so so cool!!

My nominees!

Ellelouise a travel blogger who gives you a funny insight to her travels along with fab tips and tricks to travelling!

Bexcapades is a travel and mental health blogger currently in Australia blogging about her experiences month to month and fun trips she’s been going on along the way!

Seekingsammy is a lifestyle travel blogger who shares her recent trips and fun reviews of different places like the cute cat cafe she recently visited!

Worldmeetchloe is a travel blog ran by the lovely Chloe who tells us about tried and tested methods, her plans and what life has taught her!

Iamstephaniejay  is a lifestyle and mental health blog! Stephanie posts lovely reflective pieces alongside beauty and mental health pieces!

FranciscaRockey Fran has such a wonderfully clean lifestyle blog and shares her adventures, wish-lists and tips and tricks!

wandering wombmates A set of twins sharing their own different adventures in the world on their joint lifestyle, adventure and tips and tricks blog!

seabreeze corner A lifestyle blog full of everything and anything from hauls, life posts, gift guides, reviews and so much more!

Nicshealthylife A fab blog that shares an insight into Nicola’s life, tips, personal posts, reviews and so so much more!

BrutalHonestyBlogger a fantastic and very honest blog sharing many different posts from why he doesn’t use instagram to how he stays motivated!

I love each and every one of these blogs and if you have not already checked them out you should!

Five questions for my nominees!

1 – What is the reasoning behind your blog name?

2 – What are 5 things on your bucket list?

3 – What has been your favourite travel destination to date?

4 – What advice would you give your younger self?

5 – Do you wear odd socks or socks in pairs?

And lastly my best post, I believe that would have to be my most recent post! Bishop Auckland Food Festival 2018!

Neve x

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