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7 things you MUST do in Amsterdam!

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Having spent a bunch of time in Amsterdam, I felt it was time to share some of my favourite places to eat and things to do! Places I love visiting time and time again, places I love to eat at each and I feel like are a must in an Amsterdam experience!



Fresh mint tea!

For food in Amsterdam there is a tonne of choice! For drinks however no matter where you go there is a clear winner, fresh mint tea! So my first Amsterdam must is to drink your weight in fresh mint tea. It’s so refreshing and is sold in practically each and every cafe or coffee shop!


As talked about in Amsterdam Day by day  I LOVE Ramen-Ya, a small as the name suggests ramen restaurant! Gosh I couldn’t recommend it more, they have an insane amount of fab food choices and great service! I come here each time I visit this gorgeous city and I tell all my friends and family about it so they go when they visit!


This park located in the middle of Amsterdam is the perfect little hide away and relaxation space! It has a huge pond and when I say that the park is massive, I mean I need a map to get out!! It is the perfect spot for a picnic in the sun in the summer and even has a few different activities and there’s always so many people to secretly just people watch!! The park has little vans scattered all over and toilets etc so there is no way you couldn’t just waste away a day relaxing in the sun have a fab time! Even take along a picnic and save a bit of money! Not all activities have to cost you!


Oh Ted’s, brunch HEAVEN! If you take anything away from this list is that you’ll go to Ted’s. They serve beautiful food and cocktails, no matter what time of day you go you will never be disappointed. It is nestled in a nearby neighbourhood just outside of the centre and boy is the trip to it worthwhile!! I always go for the pastrami and I can tell you after trying sauerkrauthere a couple of years ago I fell in love and became addicted!

The prostitute museum – Red Light Secrets!

I know you’re probably thinking woah really! But yes yes yes! It is located in my favourite part of Amsterdam, The Red Light District and boy is it super cool! The museum tells the tales of many prostitutes and ladies of the night over time and shows you clips of their lives what their days look like and even what the rooms are like! It is truly eye-opening to what their lives are like and how it all works, you get to see different people’s ‘confessions’ too as you leave and that’s such a blast! Being able to read different people deep darkest secrets, oh I love it (It’s even decently priced!)!

Hire a bike!

Can you think of a more perfect way to see all the sights and have a blast? Cheap and you’re exercising!! Hiring a bike in a city full of cyclists is so easy, there are different shops located all over Amsterdam and you can hire them for as little as £8 for four hours!! We hired two for four hours and did not get off once, we went an hour out and found some amazing little neighbourhoods and cycled right up the river Amstel seeing some beautiful house boats along the way!

Walking along the Canals!

My last must is so just walk, walk along the canals, take in all the incredible buildings, see the secret little passage ways and discover all of the hidden gems that there are in Amsterdam! The canals stretch all over Amsterdam and so there’s never one you haven’t discovered!


So there we are, 5 things you MUST do whilst you are in Amsterdam, alongside these activities there’s always Keukenhof Gardens which I mentioned in this post and this post alongside many other activities like visiting the different parks all over the city and spending the day there having a picnic! Amsterdam has a tonne of different things you can get up to, museums to visit and places to eat, you are truly spoilt for choice but these are just some of my favourites! I hope that if you’re ever there you check some of these places out and let me know what you think!

What is your favourite thing to do in the city?

Neve x

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10 Replies to “7 things you MUST do in Amsterdam!”

  1. All of the food places sounds so fab! I’ve never visited any of them before! I have a sore throat right now and am craving that ramen! I found the red light museum so interesting too, I think everyone should have to visit before visiting any of the ladies so that they understand their experiences (never going to happen!) I remember when I first walked into the red light district and saw the windows, I though the first woman I saw was a doll for a minute!!

    1. Im constantly craving ramen its the best!! ahahaha i feel the same way! I never considered their lives before going and now i feel it is such a must! Yet you’re right many wont haha! I just couldn’t believe the first time i saw them that some of them worked in the day too!

  2. I’m going interrailing with my girls this summer and I’m so excited to pass on your knowledge for when we visit Amsterdam!! This post has made me so excited!

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