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10 addictive shows I’m watching

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I’m a serial series watcher and I always have been! I juggle a tonne of different shows all at once and I absolutely love it that way! Some series I leave for a bunch of time so that the episodes build up. Like Heartland for example or The block, I love to junk watch like this, watch every single episode of one season all at once. Others on the other hand I love to watch weekly like Chicago Med and Death in Paradise. Some of the shows I’m about to discuss are on an end of season break and I’m not so patiently waiting for the next season and some are still mid way through!

Number 1 The Block

This is a show I have been watching since 2010 and boy does it never get old! It is a renovation show set in Australia in which couples and pairs get chosen to renovate multimillion dollar homes in amazing and outstanding locations and old buildings! If you have a passion for renovation or just love a bit of a good show with a load of highs and lows then this is defo for you! I love everything from the presenter Scott Cam to seeing the rooms they reveal each week and taking so much home inspo from the contestants!

Number 2 – Death in Paradise

This show is just AHHH! It makes me so happy and it’s just such a feel good easy watch! Usually on BBC1 the show comes around once a year and just brightens my Thursdays with happy music and a mysterious murder! It’s set on a beautiful Caribbean island and each episode begins with a death and the detectives are always on the case right away! My absolute favourite part of this show is the end as the detective ALWAYS figures out the killer without anyone else knowing who it is until it is revealed to all of the suspects! oh how I love this show!

Number 3 – Scorpion

This show is about a team of geniuses that help the government to solve matters of national security and occasionally save a tiny dogs from wells! My brother and I have been religiously watching this show since it first aired and are still super hooked 4 seasons in! It shows the insane abilities of the geniuses and the true friendship they all hold!

IMG_20180503_194645.jpgNumber 4 – Heartland CA

If you watch one of the shows I mention today THIS is the one! Heartland is a show about a family who own a ranch and work with horses of all kinds, wild, in training, injured, the lot! Each character holds such a place in my heart and after 11 seasons I feel I know them all personally and just someone transport me into a Heartland world already! I’m actually currently sat watching as I work!

Number 5 – Chicago Med

Chicago seems to be THE place to be for shows right now with so many being based out of there and all interlinking! Chicago Med however won me over! I mean who doesn’t love to get a good look inside a hospital, see all the work dramas, all the colleague issues and just see some insane medical sights! I have always always always watched both detective and medical based shows but Chicago Med has outshines them all to be honest!

Number 6 – Queer Eye

Netflix has come out with some brilliant shows recently but this kicks all their butts! The Queer Eye team are the sassiest and most entertaining guys ever! The shows is a makeover home revamp and life changing show where they help guys in need of a life all over revamp! They help them with their clothes, their hair and face, their diet, their home and their lifestyle and boy do these men make a super transformation! I wish I had taken more time to watch the show instead of finishing it all in one sitting but that’s what a junk watcher does ahahah!

IMG_20180503_194715Number 7 – Riverdale

Another show I discovered through Netflix is this charmer! Oh the insane amounts of drama this lil shows bring is unreal and boy does it make for exciting watching! God do I just live for the drama of this show, the mystery and suspense! I shall not say anymore just go give it a try! i’m obsessed!!

Number 8 – Pokemon

This show has been around FOREVER I personally though have only gotten into it the last year or so! I love the recent series, XY, XYZ and Sun and moon and gosh do they make for easy watching! My boyfriend got my into Pokemon and boy I couldn’t be happier or more thankful! It’s about tiny little “monsters” that battle one another with the help of their trainers! Sounds simple I know but there’s a lot more to it really, I promise!

Number 9 – Suits

Business and men in suits I mean yes please! This American show is super addicting and super-duper packed full of twists and turns! Set in a law firm you see all the characters building and developing new friendships, relationships and work relationships! The ups and downs of everyone’s lives filled with new opportunities makes this such an exciting show to watch and with it being on Netflix is makes for super easy and accessible watching!


IMG_20180503_194817.jpgNumber 10 – Chesapeake Shores

Last but for sure not least this gem of a show! Based in a little town called Chesapeake Shores this family show appeals to all! Its got love and drama and work and play and urgh it just has it all! I found this a while back on Netflix and just adored it! So continued to watch online just to feed my love for it! I feel like all the shows I have discovered this year have been some of the best yet and boy do I love it!

So there we go 10 shows I am completely obsessed with and highly highly highly recommend! I love each and every one so much and feel like I know all the casts, I may watch probably one too many shows but that’s just how I like it and I wouldn’t change it for the world! I would love to know if any of you also watch the same shows or have any good recommendations of any more I can add to my insane collection!

Neve x

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10 Replies to “10 addictive shows I’m watching”

  1. I JUST started watching Riverdale; I resisted it for sooooo long but I’m so glad I decided to give it a try! I finished season 1 over the weekend and can’t wait to start season 2 tonight. I’m seriously obsessed!

    1. It’s so so so amazing isn’t it! Literally the most addictive show I think I’ve ever watched! Season 2 just gets better and better! Omg have THE best time watching! I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for tomorrow’s episode 😬😬😬

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