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A weekend away in Windermere

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A weekend away in Windermere, I mean who could want more!

This past weekend as specified by the title, I went on a weekend away in Windermere! I love going on weekends away and I love them even more if Jack pays! For this particular trip I had traded in a coupon in exchange for the weekend (from a for lovers voucher set he had given my previous birthday). Jack however had planned it all, when we would go, where we would go, the accommodation and the basics of what he wanted to do!

We set off as soon as I was finished with university on Friday for our little weekend away to Windermere! Since we wanted to try out my new camera we decided to vlog the entire weekend. So as I drove Jack got to grips with talking on camera and took some lovely shots of the scenery. Once we arrived at around 5:30 which felt rather quick considering I had been driving for nearly 3 hours! We went straight to our Airbnb and boy was it cute! We were staying with a lovely lady who rented out three of the rooms in her house to people like Jack and I on a lil weekend away in Windermere!

That night we didn’t do much, we had a lovely little walk and look around Windermere itself and cemented our plans for the following day. After having had exams and uni on the morning we decided we just had to have a quick tea. We decided on fish and chips and then headed to bed for an early night!

On the Saturday our plans were to leave Windermere town behind and go on a hike in a forest. A forest hike was all Jack wanted to do whilst we were away! I chose my favourite childhood forest as our walk – Grizedale! When I was little we owned a lodge in Cartmel, a little village, and each and every time we visited we had to visit Grizedale forest! So when I knew we were staying near by it just had to be a must!

That Saturday morning we woke up pretty early and drove into Bowness on Windermere for breakfast and to stock up on two meal deals from Tesco for lunch. This was of course to accompany the snacks of fruit I had brought from home ahahah!

Once we had breakfast it was go time, off we went on a half hour drive up windy lanes to Grizedale! There are SO many different walks to do at Grizedale that we stood for a while once we arrived trying to pick. Jack obviously wanted to go on the 5 hour hike but since that was definitely off the cards we settled on a nice 2 and a half one along the white trail. Now let me tell you it 110% took us longer than that! We got so distracted at every abandoned building and sculpture we came across that we got back nearly an hour after our predicted time! But hey ho who needs to stick to the predicted time!

We loved the walk so much but sadly didn’t have time to take another trail. So off we went back down the windy lanes that scare the life out of me back to Windermere to continue our weekend away! As we knew that this was our last night Jack so kindly treat me to dinner.

Oh boy oh boy did we have THE nicest food! We stopped off at this little place called The Magic Roundabout. If you are ever in Bowness on Windermere, near Windermere, or like us on a weekend away in Windermere you just have to go! The food was priced so reasonably, the staff were amazing and most important of all the food was incredible! I would eat it again ASAP if I could! I went for a Cajun chicken burger and URGH it was divine! We ended our night with a lovely look at the sunset! Which just happened to be the most beautiful shade of pink! I of course made Jack do a full-blown photo shoot with me!

Sadly our little weekend away in Windermere came to a close the next morning. I didn’t want to leave, I wanted to stay in our lovely room and go on more walks and eat even more amazing food! But as per all weekends away it had to come to a close! We decided for our last breakfast we would go back into Bowness on Windermere and eat there! We were so lucky that our Airbnb was so close by! Jack picked a tiny little cafe called Mio Mondo for breakfast and oh lordy was it amazing! I picked out the waffles and bacon with maple syrup (cheat weekend, I promise) and it was to die for! I could seriously eat it all over again right now!

And then that was that, it was time to get back in the car and head off home! We did pit stop on our way to another childhood fave – Brockhole. A gardens and adventure playground for a picnic lunch again and a short walk! Who doesn’t want to end their trip on a high right!

An image from Brockhole onto the lake

We had an amazing time this weekend, shutting ourselves off from social media more and just focusing on one another. It was exactly what we needed and so perfect. A weekend away in Windermere is perfect. It’s a fab base and has so much to offer!

Where is your favourite weekend get away?

Mines definitely in the Lake District!

Neve x


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20 Replies to “A weekend away in Windermere”

  1. I went to Windermere a few years ago and I loved it, loooove being surrounded by water! It’s so peaceful, sounds like a perfect weekend!

  2. Sounds like such a fantastic weekend! I’m glad you didn’t worry about time or social media while away – it makes a huge difference leaving it all behind even just for a day or two. Rest and relaxation! 🙂

  3. So glad I had some time to read your post tonight! It sounds like such a wonderful trip. Somehow I have never been to Windermere, we’ve talked about visiting loads but never actually visited! It looks like you had a wonderful trip and it’s so cute that your boyfriend organised it all too. Still loving that sunset shot, it looks beautiful!

    1. Ahh i’m so glad you stopped by! It was actually fab, omg you have to go its so lovely! It’s fave fave shot from the entire get away of you cant tell! ahahah x

  4. This sounds like the perfect weekend away! 😍 Walks and tasty food is all you really need right? It looks like Windermere has stunning views and the sunset sky was absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing your adventures Neve, I’m adding this place to my list! 💖 xx

    Bexa |

    1. Ahhh it really was thank you lovely! Defo all I need! Ah you are so welcome, thank you for reading!! You wont regret adding it! xx

  5. Sounds like you had such a lovely weekend with all the trips and the great food you had in Windermere! And I’ve heard of Lake District long ago and definitely want to go there!! ^^

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