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Sunny Sunderland

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Ice creams, sun and my hometown.

My lil city home town of Sunderland doesn’t often get a great name – yet it is truly a lovely and beautiful place. From the golden sand beaches, amazing hills and sea front we have a tonne to offer.

Todays post however is not about Sunderland itself! It’s about a couple of weeks ago when Sunderland became sunny! Finally!! I fancied just writing a lil post about what I’ve been up to and recently we’ve done this a few times! Just a nice lil chat, no info, no tips just me telling you about my fave sun activity at home!

Jack and I knew the first day of sun we just had had had to get out and about! So off we went after uni to the beach for ice cream. My favourite place has always been the little Minchella’s just out of Whitburn. It does the most amazing scoops of ice cream. And for those like me who have a raspberry sauce addiction they even put it at the bottom of the tub and dig a hole full of it! Well only if you ask super nice of course!

Ice creams in hand we walked along the beautiful cliffs overlooking the beach, ice cream consuming and snapping a tonne of pictures. If you are ever near or in Sunderland I truly recommend having a small beach walk or along the cliffs! It’s so beautiful and calming.

We then just headed on to the beach for a walk in the sand, a photo shoot and to sit on the drift wood! Jack and I are always super busy. This means we hardly find time just for the two of us to do something fun without others. So being able to go out to the beach the two of us and enjoy a bit of quality time was essential and sooo lovely!

I know this has been more of a chat over coffee type of post but hey why not! I hope as I post more about my lil city by the sea more people will want to come!

Neve x

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11 Replies to “Sunny Sunderland”

  1. Seems like you had such a lovely time spending the day with an ice cream and a walk along the beach! And when you said that it was ‘finally’ sunny in Sunderland, was it cold and cloudy before that? (I live in a country with only 2 seasons so I don’t really know about other countries 😁). I’d love to visit Sunderland one day!

    1. Thank you so much! It is absolutely gross here half the time, its rather foggy and cold most of the time! We’re up north of england so it tends to be a tad gloomy! Its super lovely!! Thank you so much for reading! x

  2. Looks like a fantastic day, not quite altea beach though right? 😉
    Alex and I are the same, we work opposite shifts so rarely see each other. It’s so nice when you can spend time together. Also, the ice cream looks great, can’t beat a bit of raspberry sauce haha x

    1. Defo not and definitely not as hot! Thank you so much! It’s not too fun is it, but sooo good when you can get time together! You really really cannot! x

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