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5 Summer Must Haves!

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Birks, bags and books!

Summer is fast approaching and as I write packing lists I keep reaching for the same summer must haves! Today I’m going to share with you must summer absolute must haves! All the items I could not survive without this summer and every summer tbh!

My absolute number 1!

Birkenstocks. White two strap Birkenstocks to be precise! I personally own, and I could not recommend them enough! They look absolutely fab with everything! From a casual look with jeans to paired with a summer dress to even around the pool! They are an absolute must have! Even though they may be on the more expensive sandal scale they are so worth the price. They form to your feet incredibly and the work to wear them in is so worth the comfort you get whilst walking! They stay on my feet and don’t even flop! I’ve worn mine countless times already and it’s only May!

Summer must number two!

Lemonade, pink, raspberry, frozen, still. Just any form of lemonade. Lemonade with mint in, fresh, lemonade frozen in a popsicle. Lemonade. My personal summer go to lemonade is the Marks and Spencers still lemonade. Urgh it is so good! I just find that fresh lemony lemonade is so perfect on a hot summers day. Cooling you off, souring up your taste buds, quenching thirst. You cannot go wrong with lemonade and with the amount of variety you can’t go wrong even more! Well unless you’re allergic or just hate it! Someone pass me a cold glass of fresh still lemonade with some mint asap!

Summer must number three!

A book, or two or a hundred. Summer is a long holiday, unless you work full-time, and you gotta fill that time! Whilst sun bathing or just chilling at home, on the plane or on a road trip. Books come in so handy, pass the time and transport you somewhere else! I personally this summer am hauling 6 books round the world for me to enjoy round the pool, at the beach, on the plane etc! Theres so much amazing material out there to discover that your free time on holiday or in the summer is the perfect time! Well for me anyway! You cannot knock a good romcom at the beach.

Summer must have number four!

A straw bag, whether small cross body or big and beachy I feel they are the best summer must have! I recently got a cute one from Primark for £10 to take to the beach! This is it here!  It fits my towel, sun cream, books, water, everything! Plus it literally compliments all my outfits I have picked out! I can guarantee you will catch me walking in jeans and my birks supporting my straw bag this summer! They are so versatile and apparently so in style this year! I really fancy a small cross body one too but between you and me I have far too many bags already…

Summer must have number five!

Last but definitely not least, aloe vera. I literally swear by the stuff. I apply aloe vera ALL summer long. On sun burn, to ease my peeling nose, to moisturise my face and body. Literally amazing invention. You can buy it from all over and prices really vary but I always pick it up rather cheap in places like bodycare and savers, (for those who have one in their town). I personally find that aloe vera has such a fab fab fab cooling effect on my hot skin whilst i’m away and just helps so much!

5 super great summer must haves! I recommend each and every so much!! Obviously these are on top of all the obvious necessities like a bikini and sun cream and water! I would love LOVE love to know what your summer must haves are below, whether they’re similar or completely different! I would love to find even more summer must haves to add to my list!

Eeee, summer is nearly here and I am so ready! Holiday count down is on! 8 days and counting!!

Neve x

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22 Replies to “5 Summer Must Haves!”

    1. So so many! I have, I was here by Gayle Forman, Silence is a goldfish bu Annabel Pitcher, The one memory of Flora Banks by Emily Barr and the one im most excited for… Yes please by Amy Poehler because im a parks and rec nerd! I hope these give you some inspo lovely! x

  1. I haven’t been able to read much the past few months, so I’m definitely looking forward to reading a lot of books this summer! I completely agree that lemonade is perfect for summer as well!

    1. Thats exactly how I have been and my plans! Ahh isnt it just! Thank you so much for reading lovely x

  2. This post has made me feel all summery! 💖 Lemonade is such a refreshing drink, I love it! I also need to check out Primarks bags, you have grabbed yourself a bargain there! 😍 Aloe Vera is wonderful, it’s so cooling and soothing. Great post Neve and yay for the summer! 💕😎 xx

    Bexa |

    1. Ahhh thank you so much Bexa! Isnt it just!! I was so surprised at the price! They look so much more expensive! Thank you so much beaut! x

  3. I’m dying now I need some lemonade STAT! This put me in such a summer mood and I can’t wait for the weather to warm up! Totally agree about the birkenstocks too, although I’m cheap and get the off brand kind that just gets absolutely destroyed after any intense use. Curious, how long to the name brand ones last?? Maybe I should just suck it up and invest

    1. I feel you! Ahhh thank you so so much lovely! I used to be like that until I got sucked in! My mam has some she’s had for 10 years! My longest lasting ones were 5 years of horrific abuse and wearing (But i wear mine as slippers half the time and throughout winter ahahah)!! I really think they’re a worthwhile investment!

  4. It’s almost always summer in my country (or at least in my city) and yep I agree that fresh lemonade is all you need in summer! Books and aloe vera too. I’ve been dying to buy aloe vera because everyone says it’s working incredibly well on the skin. And what kind of books are you going to read this summer?

    Hope you have a wonderful summer ahead!

    Tyas |

    1. YES girl! It works wonders tbh, its so cooling and soothing! I have a tonne ready to read! Like, Yes please, silence is a goldfish, the last memory of flora banks! Literally an entire pile!!
      I hope you do, that its hot and full of lemonade! x

    1. They have literally moulded to my feet in THE best way! Super comfy and super easy! Thank you so much for reading! x

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