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Travel with me – Bali

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Travel with me series – Bali Itinerary!

Bali is fast arriving, 6 days to be precise! In my last post, the first in this series, I told you all about Gap360 the company we are touring with. Well if you read that post you would know they’ve sorted everything from our accommodation to all of our activities! Since I was not in control of any, that’s right ANY, of our activities I thought they’d be terrible but WOAH wait till you hear this!

Jack and I arrive in Bali 5 days before our actual trip begins. The tour however still pick us up from the airport and even helped us to arrange discounted accommodation for those nights at the hotel we will be staying at to begin! I can guarantee those days will be spent relaxing. Catching up on sleep, writing some blog posts to schedule by the pool and catching those initial rays of sun! We really just wanted a couple of days to chill before we went on a huge adventure!

Day one, two and three!

So on day one we meet our group and just chill, get to know one another before were bundled together for two weeks! Day two is beaches, temples and sunsets. We drive to the “hidden gem” of Uluwatu to a temple on a cliffs edge! From there we go to the iconic Padang Padang beach to chill before a sunset dinner! That night we delve into Kuta’s apparently wild nightlife! Day three we learn to surf! We head to the coast that morning to a super relaxed surf destination! Where on the volcanic sands of Canggu we are taught to surf by the local Balinese surf dudes in one of the worlds most famous surf destinations!

I mean woah! what? that’s insane!

Day four, five and six!

Day four is another day with a temple! However this day also comes with waterfalls and rice paddies!! This days adventure is a “relatively unknown wonder of Lovina”! It is said to be an unknown paradise of culture and rice paddies and boy am I excited! As we travel here however we go to two ancient temples and hand feed monkeys! Not forgetting the bit i’m most excited about – swimming in a waterfall! You can imagine the pictures already! We then, believe it or not after all of this, go to a unique accommodation high in the mountains surrounded by rice paddies and overlooking the ocean! HEART EYES.

Day five is set to be actually incredible. We go out on a traditional Balinese outrigger boat and cruise the coast line spotting wild dolphins and snorkelling! After this we get the incredible pleasure of meeting a local family who will teach us to basket weave and teach us about normal life! To top the day off we stay at a villa that night with an infinity pool! Finally day six! Today we travel by fast ferry to the island of Gili Trawangan. However better known as Gilli T, where we relax all day on white sand beaches before heading out for some nightlife on the night!

Day seven, eight and nine!

So day seven I have the pleasure of waking up on Gili T! It is a motorised vehicle less island so off we go on an island bike tour! After we get to top up our tans on the white sandy beaches! (EEEEK). Day eight is fun-filled with a farewell dinner to Gili T, a party and snorkelling boat trip! We get to travel by boat around the three Gili islands before snorkelling! In the clear water we snorkel around with the, wait for it… TURTLES! Yes yes yes, I snorkel in turtle waters, what a dream come true! We the have a dinner and drinks to say bye to Gili T! This brings us to-day nine! A super chill day travelling to Ubud. From here we just explore our new location and relax!

Day ten, eleven and twelve!

As we come to the end of our trip we are still just as jam-packed as the start, so lets see what I’ll be up to! Day ten we go to the monkey forest! Famous and fascinating it is home to hundreds of wild monkeys that you get the chance to get up close and personal with! Rumour has it that they can climb all over you yet since they are so sacred you may not push them away! (Kinda hope this isn’t true as I am personally rather afraid). Day eleven! Sunrise volcano hike and a massage! Erm yes please! We begin the day by hiking 3 hours up hill on an amazing sunrise volcano trek! A massive once in a life time experience comes at the top as I shall enjoy a breakfast cooked off the natural heat of the volcano! Girl say wot, this is mad! We then arrive back to our accommodation at mid morning and get greeted by a massage! Then the obvious tan and chill for the rest of the day! What a perfect last full day!

Finally day twelve! Today we just pack up and say goodbye to all the people I hope we have made friends with! Jack and I decided to stay one extra night but two full days more on Bali, so not home yet! We booked ourselves into a LOVELY, rather luxe hotel for the night to rest up, tan up and get sorted before our LONG flight home! Our flight the next day is not till gone midnight so another day to just relax and take everything in!

Can you believe it?

I myself cannot believe what a journey I am in for and for all of those activities listed above and my accommodation, travel around the island and some food, is crazy! Who knew how much money could buy! I know for sure if Jack and I had just gone to Bali without this trip we would not have travelled around, or booked on to any of these activities! For that I am so thankful to have found Gap360. I’m so incredibly lucky and so incredibly excited! 6 days and counting!!!

Come back next week for Travel with me – Bali part 3, where I show you every last thing I have packed for this trip!

Neve x

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24 Replies to “Travel with me – Bali”

    1. I really hope so! Im super excited! They are, I was worried i wouldnt have too much chill time but we do! Thank you so much Johnny! x

  1. If you don’t mind me asking, how much is the trip with Gap360 including flights? Always wanted to go to Bali, but the price is putting me off.

    Looks like you’re in for an amazing time! Super jealous!

  2. What a stellar itinerary! Looking forward to your posts on how the trip turns out, especially for the food of course:)

    1. Its pretty darn impressive isnt it! Funnily enough i hadnt even read it properly till this post! I cannot wait for the food! Super excited to share each moment if my trip! Thank you so much for reading lovely! x

  3. Ok i’m so glad I saved this post until I could read it fully! I am so jealous but so so excited for you! I can’t wait to see all updates! I don’t know what I would be more excited about, monkeys, dolphins, turtles, snorkelling, beaches.. It just sounds like the perfect holiday!!

    I hope you have the best time, I can’t wait to hear every single detail once you get back! Am eyeing up the tour website now, must resist booking my own adventure!

    1. Ahhhh Isnt it so completely mad?! Like WOT. Don’t resist, do it!! I cannot wait to spill each fab detail and post faaar too many pictures to make you super jealous! xx

    1. It is rather jam packed! I’m hoping the 5 days we have alone before the tour is super chilled! After that i’m super ready for fast pace!! I hope you had a wonderful time when you visited! x

  4. I’ve never done a full on tour, but I’m thinking base on how much you’re going to be doing / seeing that I might look into it now! I’ll be keeping an eye out for your details photo post because I think that’ll make me for sure book one!! It seems kinda nice to not have to full on plan anything and just go with a pre-organised thing 🙂

    1. I cannot wait for my tour to start! I am itching to get out there and explore all of Bali and the nearby islands!! I really think you should, I have been talking to others who have done tours with this company (Intro travel) i other countries and said it was insane so theyve had to come to a new country to go on one again! I’ll be posting a tonne on Friday in my first Week 1 in Bali blog post! Look out! Oh for sure and yeah I may have paid a lil more for their help but I am in a group with a very experienced guide! x

  5. Seems like there are a lot of things to do in your 2 weeks in Bali! I hope you enjoy every bit of it😃 I’ve been to Uluwatu temple and it sure has a fascinating view of the coast. Don’t forget to take a lot of pictures!

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