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June goals

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Another month and another set of goals! You can read all of last months goals here! I have always and still do find it amazingly rewarding to set myself goals! I feel as though I shall be setting myself blog goals for my entire first year of blogging tbh! This last month Jack, my boyfriend, believed I set my goals a lil low.. Lets go have a lil loook!

May goals!

  1. To get 1000 twitter followers, 600 blog views and 70 blog followers! I am absolutely ecstatic to say I have got 90 blog followers now and this month I have had over 700 views!! Two goals absolutely smashed! My followers I did not think I would achieve but I did and just!!
  2. To learn way more about SEO and DA and to take my blog serious! Super happy to say I smashed this! I even went self hosted, I changed my instagram handle to the same as my twitter and I’m now using a fab plug-in to help with my SEO! I’ve even began to dabble in Pinterest.
  3. To get myself sorted for Bali! I have indeed done this, all my before Bali posts have been wrote and two are live! You can read those here and here! I’ve also had all my injections and am all packed! Ahhh!
  4. To begin my Dear Neve series! I have done this and I even have a post up! You can read that here! How exciting!! Smashing it! I also have got others involved and as of right now have 3 bloggers writing letters for my series! The first will be going up Sunday!
  5. To let loose and stop stressing out! I have actually improved in this department! I know what a shock but I feel like I have become a load less intense and for me that’s a job well done. Go me!
  6. Finally to take way more cute pictures for my insta and change my user! I have indeed changed my user however I have not managed to take many cute pictures or upload that much at all! How annoying, but I’m going to transfer this goal over to this month now!

This months goals!

Number one!

To use and be way more interactive on Instagram and Pinterest! Yes I may have changed my user name and yes I may have created blog covers for Pinterest but I hardly post on either or pin so that has got to change! I do believe that with more Pinterest engagement will come more blog engagement and I just gotta put my mind to it!

Number two!

To have the most incredible time in Bali and Spain and to document the entire thing! Both on my blog and on YouTube! So follow me on both! I just want to immerse myself in all the fab activities and experiences I’m about to have and not worry about keeping up on twitter, Facebook and the blog! I want to be able to enjoy myself and in my free wi-fi time post and interact!

Number Three!

I would love to get 900 blog view, 150 blog followers and 1300 twitter followers with at least 200 people engaging off Pinterest this month! I know I’m going high but sometimes you just have to stretch yourself! Plus considering how fun fun fun my social medias and blog posts will be over this time I feel it’s got to work in my favour!

Number four!

To continue to eat well and not let myself go. Both at the gym and not eating junk food. I know that this will be hard while I’m away but I feel it is even more important while I am away! Jack’s home is always so hard to watch what we eat as Spain has the BEST food but ya gal is going to try!!

Number five!

To post way more on YouTube! Jack and I have let our channel go so bad since getting super busy! I want to keep on top taking videos, editing and uploading so we can grow our channel and document our trips because after all that’s what it is there for!

This month I only have 5 goals but I feel they are rather big ones for me. Especially when I am SO SO SO busy this month! With going to Bali on May 31st, getting back to the UK on June 19th and then June 20th going to Jack’s till July 12th this will be a wild month! I just hope I can interact, maintain blog posts, interact online and not fall behind in these six weeks! Keep all your fingers crossed for me!

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14 Replies to “June goals”

  1. You and Jack are like the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!! Also I love your goals! I will be looking up your YouTube channel later! And it’s so awesome to see how many of your goals you’ve succeeded! I JUST did my monthly blessings post where I talk about what I succeeded in doing this month! I’m so happy for your success and am excited to see you succeed in the future also! And also I relate when it comes to Instagram. Taking pictures on a regular basis is not a thing I do 💆🏾‍♀️💆🏾‍♀️ Lol

    1. Thank you so so so much lovely, you are too sweet! Ahh thank you!! Do it!! It’s going to full of holiday vlogs soon! OOO im going to go check that out now! Awww thank you so so much this is literally the loveliest comment ever! Me either but this girl has to get in the swing! x

  2. You did so well in May, I’m so pleased for you! Can’t wait to see you smash it in June, too. I’m sure your trips will be fantastic.

    Keep it up, lovely! 🙂 x

  3. Congrats on your May goals, you are doing fantastic!!! I’m trying to get the motivation to use Instagram again, I’ve found it a little dead recently 😕

    I hope you have a fab time in Bali, it sounds just a tiny weeny bit amazing! Looking forward to seeing your posts about it 😁🧡

    1. Thank you so much lovely! It has been hasnt it! I have felt the exact same! I hope it perks up soon! Ahhh I’m sure I shall, eee just a smidge! x

    1. Thank you so much and ahhhh I cannot wait either! All my ideas are bubbling in my brain about my Bali posts! x

  4. I love this! Would love to do something like this, I just don’t think I would stick to it! I would love to go self hosted at some point too, just rubbish with the research! Congrats!! X

    1. I was too I was literally winging it all until I couldn’t connect my old site to my new site! Thank you so much lovely! x

    1. Thank you so much! I shall, good luck with whatever you set your goals to be in June too! You’ll smash it! x

  5. Thank you for sharing your goals with us, Neve! This makes me want to write my goals for every month, too. I think it would help me stay motivated and organized. I do have a lot of activities lined up this month and the next ones so it would really be helpful to have clear goals for this month so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed and I would know my priorities.

    Rox | Transcendent Light 🌱

    1. You’re super welcome! Thank you for reading! You should, its such a nice visualisation! It really helps me! Do it, you really wont regret it! It’s never too late to set some! x

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