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Travel with me – Bali

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Socks, sandals and a raincoat!

Do you know what’s crazy? As you read this post I shall be 7 hours ahead of my normal time in Bali! What a wild thought, as I’m sat here in the airport it seems like such a lie! I know however it is true as I am still going round in my head “am I sure I packed everything?”. Duh of course I did! I spent a whole week stressing, packing, re packing, completely scrubbing the house and making sure my plant babies had a home for the 3 weeks I’m in Bali and 3 I’m in Spain! Here we are, all packed and about to share exactly what I packed!

We chose to take backpacking bags as that’s what we are essentially doing! In there I have my entire life. 23 different outfits, my entire shower and an entire medical box! Well that’s just in short! I have separated what I have packed into three sections. Clothes, toiletries and miscellaneous. I’m just going to bullet point through all my items with a bit of chatter here and there! Enjoy lovelies and I’m super sorry if I am super none active, Ima try my hardest!


  • An entire medical box full of items from sudocreme, paracetamol, cough medicine, bandages, insect bite relief to plasters and caffeine tablets for when we land in Dubai dead tired.
  • Chargers, laptops, phone, toothbrush, camera battery.
  • adaptors and an extension incase there is only one plug.
  • a small torch (not sure why but Gap360 told us to?).
  • empty water bottles.
  • all of our documents in paper form in each bag we own.
  • day bags.
  • notebooks, pens and a highlighter.
  • a lil bit of makeup and brushes.
  • our laptops and my camera to vlog the trip.
  • beach towels!
  • books, books, a few more books.
  • boarding passes.
  • Intro Travel mobile numbers and all our families wrote down.


So for this one, I obviously have multiples of everything because that is just me and who wants to wear an activity outfit to the beach? not this gal!

  • Shorts
  • floaty light dresses
  • strappy tops
  • normal tops
  • crop tops
  • I’m not even going to state how many bikinis and swim suits as it’s embarrassing.. (12.)
  • a pair of leggings for our volcano hike.
  • a raincoat as advised once again
  • sandals, flip-flops and a pair of trainers. I was super good with my shoes and only have three pairs!! Birkenstocks, Havaiana flip-flops that don’t actually flip or flop as they have a thingy around my ankle and a pair of Adidas trainers!
  • undies obviously.
  • a hoodie for on the plane as i get freeeeezing!
  • playsuits as they’re such an easy beach outfit!


I personally did not want to buy anything there so we have a tonne of this!

  • a loofah
  • shower gel
  • face scrub
  • moisturiser
  • shampoo and conditioner
  • insect repellant, we even bought a proper good expensive one for their super mosquitos!
  • mosquito bands
  • moisturiser and aloe vera gel
  • sun cream in factors 30, 20 and an oil in 10. Yes yes yes I get that they’re rather low however since Jack is Spanish he’s a rather tan boy and I tan super easy from living all over and they are just for at the end of our trip if we are feeling it. Why am I even explaining myself, face palm.
  • hair brush and a load of hair ties.
  • hair clips
  • travel razor
  • toothbrush and tooth paste

And that is it I think! I have probably forgot half of my life and what we have actually brought with us but hey ho! I hope you all have a fantastic week! Plus let me be honest, packing is my fave pre holiday activity!

Neve x

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8 Replies to “Travel with me – Bali”

  1. Aww yay, it’s so exciting to think you are in Bali right now Neve! I hope you have arrived safely and settled in ☺️. This was really interesting to read and I’m exactly the same and always take so many bikinis! I also get absolutely freezing on planes too so a hoodie is a great idea. I can’t wait to hear more about your Bali trip. Have an awesome time girl! 😘 xx

    Bexa |

    1. I still cannot believe it and i’m here!! Thank you so much, how thoughtful! I mean you gotta have variety right! I ended up wearing mine the entire ride! Then using it as a pillow, defo a must! Thank you so lovely!! xx

    1. I know it really is! thank you so much, i am loving it right now!! oh my yey! Have THE best time!! x

  2. I love posts about what to pack. Amazing that you fit all of those things into a backpack! Can’t wait to hear about your trip x

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