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The little things.

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Balinese boys, a kite and the small stuff.

I am a big believer that it is all the little things in life that make it. Seeing the sunset at the end of a gorgeous day, seeing a family member smile, going out with your boyfriends friends because you know he wants you to get along, flying a kite that you made yourself.

All of the big moments in life are obviously great and have an impact upon us all but those small things make a difference, make you feel special, give you that little heart squeeze feeling. At times you don’t even see the small things and it is not till later on that they all become clear to you. You see how special that one little gesture is, like taking your mam flowers, or kissing your boyfriend as you arrive home, hearing a parade before the bustle of it arrives, smelling fresh cut grass. I could go on forever!

On Monday I did however get to see one of those little things in life before my eyes and realise it. I teared up and you’ll probably read the story and think I’m mad. But it was special, it was touching and it made me appreciate humanity a whole load.

Monday started off drab, we woke up late felt like we were on a part of beach we weren’t allowed on, (we were allowed its okay) and then these boys arrived. They came tumbling onto the beach with this massive train of thin plastic sheet. Believe it or not I groaned as they arrived. I thought they would start-up some annoying game on our nice secluded section of beach or try sell us something…

The boys were of a load of different ages and it turns out that train was part of a kite. A kite that these little Balinese boys had hand crafted themselves. From the frame to the dragon design right down to the length of wire to fly it on. It was unlike any kite I had seen before, a kite bigger than those I had read about in stories. As magical as what the kite fighting in Kabul sounds like in The Kite Runner. It was a home made kite.

It was HUGE!

As we sat they all communicated, shouting one or two-word instructions at one another, their communication way more effective than mine and my boyfriends will ever be! They laid out their kite and unwound their wire for miles and miles. They knew exactly how far the kite had to be from the main boy controlling it and exactly how to manipulate it to fly properly. Each boy had a job and no one was more important than anyone else. It took a couple of attempts but they eventually got it soaring, back and forth the beach they ran after this kite for hours. The littlest held and flung the kite up as one of the old boys judged the best gust of wind to fly it in. Others tugged and moved the wires and one held onto the circle of wire.

These boys designed, collected materials, built, planned and flew this kite. Hours of work, hours of fun. I guess the saying work hard, play hard works perfectly here. Weaving in and out of the tourists that now flocked the beach. It was so special. They were so proud and so excited each and every time it flew. I of course ran after them each time trying to take pictures and videos of the kite in action.

It made me realise that it is the small things that make life. The small things that make every silly other thing better. Like seeing a group of boys of all ages work together and have a blast. Other people were getting fed up of the boys laying out their wire and running through. Don’t take the small moments for granted, embrace them, you never know what’s going to happen. You never know, this may have been those boys one day off that week.

Just before they left I asked Jack to come with me as I really wanted to write this post about these boys and have a picture of them in it. Jack asked and the boys seemed over the moon we were interested in them and their kite, they grinned for the picture and thanked me. They thanked me when I was the one thanking them! To them me asking and being interested was probably one of the small things. And that makes me happy.


Now everyone who reads, and I am watching you! Tell me a small thing that makes you incredibly happy and makes life all that much better. I’ll start! Mine is that even though Jack is horrendous at getting up on a morning he still forces himself out of bed and makes coffee and breakfast on the regular. Another is that my mam brings flowers most times she comes to visit, from daffodils to small bouquets and it is the cutest heart squeeze that I just love her for.

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12 Replies to “The little things.”

  1. What a beautiful post! Noticing the little things is the key to happiness I reckon, like the warmth of the sun on your face or the smell of coffee wafting through the air. We can experience such joy when we slow down and tune in to what’s around us in that very moment.

  2. Loved this post, thanks Neve! I try to list three things I’m grateful for every morning. Some of the little things that reoccur are the birds that sing outside my window each morning, my daily decaf flat white, and the supportive and uplifting group chat I share with my two best friends, Jill (stilljill.com) x

    1. Thank you! That is such a lovely and heartwarming idea! Places having decaf is for sure one of mine! Ahhh I have loved hearing your little things, thank you so much for sharing! x

  3. Such a sweet and uplifting post. Completely agree the small things are the best. It’s so sweet that Jack does that for you and your mum always brings flowers! You’re a lucky girl 🙂 For me, I love hearing babies laugh, it just totally warms my heart. x

    1. They’re the sweetest aren’t they! Ahhh that is totally heart warming and to be honest I cannot keep the smile off my face when a baby laughs!! x

  4. Wow. This post is beautiful swear it literally made me well up, I love how you have tied something so identifiable to everyone and the kite story is just great you are having such wonderful experiences. I tend to be the one in my relationship who gets up and makes small gestures for my boyfriend so the I’d say the one little thing I really appreciate in my life at the moment is when one of my friends or fellow bloggers takes the time to send me a message and say they are loving what I’m doing and can’t wait for the next post! Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip x

    1. Ahhh how sweet! Thank you so so so much lovely! Those are the best messages arent they! They always give that lil burst of motivation to push further! Thank you tonnes! x

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