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Travel with me Bali – Days 1-9 in pictures!

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Turtles, surfing, waterfalls and paradise!

Today we are starting off with an apology, yes yes yes I know I don’t have to and probably shouldn’t but this gal feels bad. Not just on you guys but myself! So super sorry for my lack of presence on both twitter and here! I would say for instagram too but GOSH have I been very present on there! Bali is known for its bad wi-fi, I mean there is even a sign as you arrive that says about it’s terribly connection – what more can you expect from an island paradise?

I had a blast however and a nice unexpected blog, social detox. I feel so much clearer and better since it occurred and yeah my stats may have fallen and I may have stressed at first but hey! I went to Bali and I took pictures instead and you can see now!

Now let’s get into this!

So we all know I take and share way WAY too many pictures! I thought that since I was travelling so much and so busy, it would be easier to do this…

My plan is that I am going to share with you my weeks in pictures! Each post telling you a little of what is going on to go alongside the pictures but keeping all my recommendations for each different town for a large post once I have shared my weeks in pictures! This way you get to see the unreal views and a snapshot view of each day!

Fun right?!


Our first official day! We landed at around noon, got picked up by IntroTravel and spent the day unpacking! Obviously we then had to take a lil nap and that evening went exploring the streets! We were so SO tired after our long flight too, we basically just got prepared for a fun adventure!


Today we spent the day looking around Kuta (our first stop), going to the beach and the most incredible shopping centre! We later went for dinner with some other travellers we met around the pool. Turns out they were on the same trip we were, just starting a couple of days before!


Today we headed back to the beach and I had the most amazing smoothie bowl! That was literally it and Jack ended the night with a late dip in the pool! We also had an amazing super cheap Indonesian meal at a lil place that was THE BEST! YUM.



Today was a kite day and turtle day! We sat at the beach till after sunset, saw some baby turtles be released and watched the loveliest boys play with a kite that you can read all about in my post all the lil things! It was a super refreshing day and one of my faves.



Today we walked for 3 hours on the beach from Seminyak to Canggu! We had the most amazing lunch at Revolver and if you are ever near Seminyak you HAVE to go. It was the best! Later we just had a nice chilled night! 


Today we sat by the pool all day and met our group! We took no pictures, YEY!


Today was our first actual day with IntroTravel and we had an unbelievable sunset dinner after a lovely day at both a temple and a secluded beach! PARADISE! The pictures do not even do any of it justice!


We finally moved to Canggu for our night there! Jack and I had an incredible swim up room at the most amazing hotel! Oh it was insane!! We also went surfing today and got taught by some local surf dude which was so crazy cool. We finished the day with sunset jump pics, walks across the beach and beers as the sun went down. Heaven right??


Today we moved off again to a new location, an insane private villa overlooking the rice paddies with an infinity pool! AHHH. We visited two temples, a waterfall, went to the rice paddies in the mountains, drank coffee made from poo and jumped off rocks into a pool just down from the waterfall. We even got the opportunity to be blessed at the water surrounded temple called Tannah lot, which was insane! It was another incredible day! Well apart from driving for an hour and a half between each destination so we could go way over the other side of Bali to Lovina.



The pictures do not even do this place any justice. It’s incredibly beautiful and so new and exciting. I hope that you have enjoyed this little snapshot view of my first week in Bali! Make sure to keep an eye out for week 2 next Wednesday and our YouTube channel for our vlogs once we get organised! It feels so SO good to be back! Cya,

Neve x

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  1. Aww, it looks wonderful Neve! I can’t wait to see week 2. The pictures of you and Jack are adorable, especially the one from Thursday. So happy to know you had a blast! x

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