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5 tips and 5 ideas to take time for yourself!

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Me, myself and I!

I have always found that taking time for yourself can be one of the hardest tasks to do. With all of the different responsibilities we all hold down, who has time to take time for just themselves? I mean when there are kids, partners, friends, family and chores to do its darn hard!

Even if you can only give yourself an hour a week, or half an hour during breakfast, any time for you is time well spent and enough to seek the rewards.

Taking time for yourself enables you to relieve stress, gather your thoughts, get in some proper relaxation and just enjoy your own company! It gives you time to do you! To watch what you prefer, listen to your favourite music, eat whatever you please or go wherever you fancy!

I was going to separate these into two posts but I think it makes way more sense to have them side by side! I mean what are activities without ways to actually fit them into your life!

We shall start off with 5 different activities you can do to take you time and the go on with the different ways you can find time in which to do them!

Happy reading x

Number One!

One way you can take time for yourself is in the form of a walk or exercise! In the morning before breakfast, after dinner, in your lunch break, with your dog! There are tonnes of opportunities to take you time! This is one of my personal favourite me time activities! Going to the gym helps me clear my brain, relax and think of all the other bits and pieces I got to do! I tend to go on an evening after dinner and I LOVE it! I know you may be thinking that it’s not a very you time activity because you’re on the go but for those of us jam-packed full it’s an easy you time! Shove in some music, put on some YouTube videos, just be with your thoughts. You time – sorted!

Number Two!

Watching your fave shows! I also LOVE this me time activity! I mean who doesn’t love watching their chosen shows, and not those you and your partner watch together! Well, I mean I may not be chatting to myself but I am making the most of my free time and taking some time for a Neve break! We all get so wrapped into our work, revision or blogging and with no break for yourself you’re bound to fizzle out of energy! I have found that since living with my boyfriend I get less and less time to just watch what I want, so when I do take me time, it is rather nice to just have a lil binge!

Number Three!

Self dates, self dates, self dates! Don’t fancy making your lunch for work one Wednesday? Go to a lil cafe and have a lil self lunch date! Want to see that new film but no one else does? Take yourself, even treat yourself to popcorn! I mean no one will even realise you’re by yourself since you don’t talk AND it’s dark! You’re in town on a quick shop but have finished up a bit before your parking ticket is up? Coffee date! I even carry a book around in my bags incase I have any time for a me date on the go or randomly! Self dates are so important because you have to be comfortable with yourself, I mean what happens if one day you move town and start a fresh? You gotta be able to still go treat yourself to your favourite restaurant! I mean Wagamama and I have met a plenty of times for a one to one date!

Number Four!

Hobbies, sports, reading, cooking, listening to music, playing the guitar, sailing, riding a horse, painting! All of these different sports and hobbies make great use of you time! They combine something you LOVE with time for giving back to yourself! When I used to sail I used to love that time alone just with the water. Far, far, far away from all my chores and school and it would give be such a sense of calm. That was me time. For some this may not feel like you time but for others it may!

Number Five!

Pamper. Need I say more? A long bath, a face mask, painting your nails, deep conditioning mask! YES. This is the ultimate you time! I mean you get to listen to music or watch a show and just pamper yourself! Who doesn’t want to dedicate a tonne of time and all their attention on themselves?

I know some of these may seem so self-explanatory or obvious as Jack so lovingly said but hey! Who knows, you may of never thought of some of these activities as you time and it may feel like you never get any! You may never have even thought to do any of these activities in the first place or even considered them!

Finding an activity can be the easy part, finding the time can be the hard part! Do you ever have trouble finding you time? Well! Here are 5 ways you can make time for yourself!

Number One!

Wake up earlier and find an hour on a morning or even just an extra 20 minutes so you could have a little stretch or finish a chapter of your book!

Number Two!

Claim time! Just like some set aside an afternoon to clean or a couple of hours to work out. You set aside an hour or even an afternoon on a Sunday if you’re feeling yourself that week and lay on the self-love!

Number Three!

A lunch time! I remember at college when my friends would go home after class and I would be stuck in still having a class next and taking that lunch for myself. Using it for some Neve time, reading in the library or going into town for a coffee. Using a free lunch when you have nothing better to be doing is the perfect excuse for me time!

Number Four!

Not going to an event or night out if you cannot be bothered! I mean yeah everyone may be going but if you’re not feeling it or cannot be bothered then give it a miss. At the age I am now, unless I really want to go I don’t mind giving something a miss. If I know that I probably will get bored then I’m not afraid to give it a miss. This also opens up more time and opportunities for me! Time that I wouldn’t have had if I just said yes for the sake of it and I was afraid of missing out!

Number Five!

By being selfish. Selfish for myself, for my wellbeing. Taking time for yourself has nothing but benefits, you just cannot go wrong! Well unless you cannot stand it and are an active constant on the go person! It is okay to be selfish and especially when it comes to yourself. So selfishly take whatever time you want. Should be doing a load of washing? It can wait! Should go to the gym but you’re not feeling it? Take that time!

Life is not full of infinite time and taking a couple of hours to focus on yourself is always beneficial. Your relationship with yourself will never go away, so why not work on it?

I love posts like this, hence I’m writing one and I still always find something new whilst I’m reading! These are just a couple of ways that you can take time for yourself and activities so I really want you to let me know how you take time for yourself in the comments! I would love to know what you do and how you find the time!

Neve x


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4 Replies to “5 tips and 5 ideas to take time for yourself!”

  1. Yes, yes and Yes! These are definitely good tips and advice!!
    I’m doing most of these things and it is true: it works!
    And it feels so good to have a “me” moment (and no, there is no shame on going to the cinema by yourself! I do that a lot and I love it!)

    Great post! 🙂

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