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Travel with me Bali – Days 10-18 in pictures!

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What a crazy ride!

Bali, you were crazy, exciting and everything in-between! Looking back and creating these posts has me in such a lovely holiday haze all over again! But check in out I’m officially back on home soil till the end of August and tbh I couldn’t be happier! It means this gal is actually back in the blogging game! Time to grow this sh*t up and spread so much holiday inspo and tales! I cannot wait, can you? Check it out though, a tonne more pictures! Oh how I have missed this!



Today we started off the day with a super early wake up to watch the sunrise and obviously get some incredible pictures! We then went on to get on a traditional outrigger boat to go DOLPHIN SPOTTING! Yes, it was crazy! We lazed about on our boats and shouted like crazy people every time we saw the lil fins of the wild dolphins! Super sad to have not got any actual picture of these magical creatures but seeing a fin or two completely made my trip! After dolphin spotting we were taken to another section of water to snorkel! Here we saw a tonne of dead bleached coral which was actually super sad and a load of fish! Later on in the afternoon we went to meet a Balinese family! Oh how lush they were! We got taken around their huge coffee plantation, then they walked us through the other exotic fruit and chillies they grow! They had one fruit that was particularly weird called snake fruit!! They fed us so much incredible food and taught us to freaking basket weave! The lady who taught us to basket weave even weaved us all (who wanted) our own baskets to take home with a name etc inscribed for a tiny fee! Oh it was amazing!


So today we woke up in the beautiful villa for the second time and sadly left! We moved on over to Gili T! We took the fast boat over and spent the majority of this day travelling! Jack and I settled on into our new hotel and headed out on the night for a night out! Enjoy these pictures of the Villa we left and the outside of the club in Gili T!


Today we got us time, time to relax all morning long which was SO needed! Some of the girls and I spent this time relaxing on the beach while Jack sent off applications! Later on that day however we took a bike tour all around the island! It is tiny and since it has no motorised vehicles it was a must! We stopped off mid bike ride to wait for the sunset at the picturesque swings!


Today is our last full day on Gili T! We began our day by going around to the neighbouring islands, having a little look around but most importantly snorkelling as we went! Before each stop we made we went snorkeling in the clear blue waters with TURTLES! It was crazy amazing! Once we got back we spent some time shopping in the cool little shops and getting tattoos! We had a farewell dinner that night to say goodbye to those only on the 9 day tour and another night out!


We headed back to the mainland today and headed for Ubud. Sadly however with heavy hearts we had to say bye to some of our new friends. It was rather awful saying goodbye as we wished we could have carried on together! Today I took a grand total of 0 pictures apart from 1 of the bat called Charlie who lived at our new hotel! He was such a sweetheart!


Monkey forest! Today we got more time to just relax and do our own thing! Jack and I chose to just laze about and then headed out the market with some fab pals we made on the trip! We picked up so many little goodies and had THE nicest coffee of the trip! We later headed into the sacred monkey forest of Ubud! It was an experience to say the least! The monkeys were very riled up and fighting loads the day we went and unfortunately this was an actual terrible experience for me. We walked around, and after we saw the blind monkey one girl on our tour as she just walked by a group of monkeys got bit rather badly on her leg. It was scary as she had done nothing but walk by but at the end of the day they are wild animals and this is what I got my injections for! Most people have lovely experiences in the forest but it wouldn’t be right to make this part all sunshine and rainbows just for a blog when it was all thunder and rain clouds! I’d rather be honest! The monkeys who weren’t angry were super cute tho so lets just take a look at them!


1:30 wake up call? No thanks! 1:30 wake up call to climb a volcano at 2? Hell yeah! This morning we woke scary early and wore so many clothing items I waddled up the volcano! We began our climb up the volcano after an hours drive from Ubud! There were SO many people climbing this volcano it was insane! Hundreds and hundreds of people climbing a volcano in the dead of night with torches on their heads! It was crazy! Once we reached the top we however got to see the most insane sunrise! After a short climb down and another drive back to Ubud we were all booked in for massages! Oh yh! From there we just chilled out before our last night as a group!


Goodbyes! They are actually the worst, especially when you meet some really special lil humans that you want to keep forever! The people made this trip, not the culture, the sand, the sea or the food. The lil humans! We were the last to check out of the hotel today and sadly waved off everyone else before leaving ourselves at midday! We arrived at our last and final stop, a strange and unique little hotel still in Ubud. It overlooked the most incredible and breathtaking jungle! Our door literally opened onto a deep and large wilderness! We went in search for food as soon as we settled in this day and found the most incredible restaurant with even more views of the vast jungle! It also had insane food! We spent the rest of the day lounging and organising our bags!

That mush in a bowl is wasabi mash and it is the holy grail of all potato. You have to try it. That is all. 


Our last day in paradise! We packed up early today and headed to the airport! We spent the majority of the day there, watching stuff and pigging out! They have the best restaurants inside, we ate wagyu beef burgers that were to die for just before we boarded and I want another so so so bad! Sorry but no pictures from today!


And then it was over! I hope you enjoyed this insight into my trip to Bali! It was so different to anything I have ever experienced and far beyond my dreams! Stick around though for some realities about Bali in an upcoming blog post! Bali is not just the sunny dream holiday destination that you see on instagram, there is so much more to this little island!

puddles of love,

Neve x

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  1. Thanks for sharing your pictures, now I’m fully of envy! 😉 Seriously, it looks and sounds amaaaaaaaaazing. I’m so glad you got to have so many incredible experiences.

    Your tattoo is so cute, by the way!

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