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South Tyneside Festival – Seeing scouting for girls!

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Sun and Scouting for girls in South Tyneside!

This is not my first scouting for girls rodeo. Oh no no! I have in fact seen them a grand total of 5 times somehow! They are ALWAYS a relatively cheap band to see and they play at some incredible venues so its hard to not see them loads. One of the first times I saw scouting for girls was at the Mouth of Tyne Festival that is held in Tynemouth priory. Literal woah. It was a crazy venue and one I loved going to as a child. I even saw The Wanted there one year! But the second time I saw them was at this exact festival. The south Tyneside festival at Bents park.

South Tyneside Festival has always been a fun family festival, but most importantly a free festival! A free festival! This year however I paid, even though you could go in for free, I opted to pay a fiver! This gave me early entry to find a fab seat, queue jump if I wanted to arrive later, cleaner, nicer toilets and queue jump at the bar. For a fiver I had to take that opportunity for priority tickets. Alongside that with only 15,000 places available inside the park a ticket ensured that I got in.

South Tyneside is right next door to my home of Sunderland, a short maybe 40 minute bus journey or 20 minute car ride. It is super accessible by the E1 bus and has plenty of parking for anyone visiting! The festival itself is held each year in Bents park. A large enclosed grassed area on the sea front of South Shields! My firm favourite place for ice cream… Minchella & co! If you have no idea what that is you’re seriously missing out as it is THE best ice cream and the lovely girls who work at the big Minchella’s in shields always dig me a hole so I can have extra monkeys blood.


So throughout July South Tyneside council run The South Tyneside free festival in Bents park! This year acts such as Pixie Lott, The Vamps, Atomic Kitten and Scouting for Girls graced their stage. I mean what insane news is this for fans and families around the area who want a fun free day out! Or pay £5 for priority! The best part is that you can take your own food and drink in too!

We packed a full picnic, wine included, a rug and chairs to sit on! On Saturday our most important item however was sun cream because boy had the weather turned up to see Scouting for Girls too! For those of us who don’t want to pack a picnic and drag it around, there was a bar and a tonne of food trucks around the event! They even had a bouncy castle and a couple of rides for kids!

Two support acts played before the main act. Yes 3 artists for the price of nothing!! The event started at 12 for those of us with tickets and 12:45 for those without and ran on till 5! BBC Newcastle I believe played music in between acts and had their radio host talk to the crowd. You were even encouraged to tweet in pictures of you having fun to put on the screen and it was just a fun fun fun time! The first act was Roachford before 1981 Eurovision winners The Fizz or as you would have known them the Bucks Fizz!

Live music, food, drink and the sunshine, it just called for an amazing day!

We had so much fun alongside everyone else at Bents park and tbh I cannot wait till next time! If you live in the area this is such a worthwhile and fun summer activity! You may have missed the first three but there’s still Atomic Kitten and more on next weekend! What an exciting way to spend a Sunday! If you are worried about taking young children, don’t! There are lots of stewards, police and paramedics on site always looking out for lost youngsters and upon entry children were each given a wrist band with their parents numbers on. Safety first!

I hope that everyone near South Tyneside will consider this fab, family friendly festival! Even if it is not for this coming Sunday and for next year instead. It is well worth the thought!

Neve x

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