The one where I went to Friends Fest!

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Photos, Friends Fest and the best day ever!

So yesterday I had the biggest, bestest day ever. Ya gal went to Friends Fest! I had been longingly looking through a tonne of people I know’s pictures at friends fest and longing to be there. I thought that all the tickets HAD to be sold out but as per Jack told me to just look and lo and behold, so many tickets left! We snatched up the Thursday tickets and booked ourselves onto the 4 o’clock set tour.

How did we get there?

The set was located in High Heaton just outside of Newcastle centre! We got the metro through from Sunderland and got off in South Gosforth. From the metro it was a short 15 minute walk to the park where it was being held! You could also drive there easy enough however there was limited parking and public transport was advised! The site itself gave tonnes of options on how to get there which was super helpful! We arrived around 1:30 as I read online that people tend to be here for 2-3 hours and we couldn’t stay after our tour. I was overwhelmed with joy from the moment I stepped through. After being an avid Friends fan and watcher for years this was a dream!


So what was there?

Tonnes of photo opportunities! Literally a bunch! We started off by going to the ‘recreate the intro’ photo! Obviously queueing we discussed what ways we should place our umbrellas and how we should sit on the iconic couch! We ended up going for one behind and one sat on the arms! The crew taking the pictures were fab, you were allowed to change pose once (having 2 in total) and they take a bunch a pictures for you to pick from on your own phone! After the opening recreation we went to the ever so hilarious PIVOT photo moment! This one you literally just place each other at either end of the stairs holding the sofa! It was super fun to create and looks just as hilarious in my opinion! They have the Friends theme tune playing constantly and even little clips from the show! As we created PIVOT all we could hear was Ross shouting PIVOT!

After those fab fab fab photo moments we took a couple of cheerleader pictures in the Friends frame! You had the option to wear so many different iconic looks, from the turkey head, to prom, to joey as a doctor! Obviously Jack and I chose to both be cheerleaders though! After this we went to Ross and Rachel’s Vegas wedding! We both once again chose to be the girl and recreated these pretty pictures! It was all such a laugh and everyone was just having fun with their pictures! The last thing to see besides, well, everything else, was the big friends stage! They played the most famous clips, little extras and had fun games going on here with a bunch of seating in front! Lets not forget the taxi!

Food and drinks!

So if you’re going, don’t eat beforehand as there are friends themed food trucks. Yes you heard that right! Joey’s Pizza, Phoebe’s vegetarian Buffay and a hot dog place I cannot remember the name of! I had pizza and lemme tell you, this was one LARGE pizza slice! There was also a sweet deserts van there for your waffle cravings! For drinks they had a Comedy Central bar serving Friends themed cocktails! We opted to share a smelly cat and boy was it THE most delicious cocktail i’ve ever drank. I wish I was over reacting but it was amazing!! I just wish I could remember what was in it to recreate it…. hmm I mean yeah that would be enough for drinks but then there’s Central Perk! You can take even more iconic pictures here! On the couch, behind the counter, on the stools, on Phoebe’s performance stool! Oh it was fab!! After that however there was a mini Central Perk to actually order drinks! We went for a flat white and an iced latte for me! The iced lemonade also looked super yummy though!

 The set!

This was the crazy part, it was just incredible to see the set itself! Be in their apartments and take pictures of one of the most loved shows sets! When we arrived we were informed that you had to arrive to your tour 15 minutes early. When we arrived at ours, 4 o’clock, we got to go on the tour ahead as there were still spaces! What luck, this meant no waiting around for us! We first saw different props, pictures and well-loved items such as Phoebe’s guitar and the actual Geller cup! Then the fun begins and you get to walk around the apartment! You begin by being let loose in the apartment and then with just a couple of minutes to spare everyone is asked to stand on the black carpet around the set to get an empty apartment shot! We started off, as everyone does, in Joey and Chandler’s place alongside the hallways! You then move onto Monica and Rachels before ending at Ross’! Now enjoy and have all the pictures!

So are you thinking of going to friends fest or interested in knowing if there are any spare tickets near you? Check out the friends fest site! It is such a worthwhile day full of fun and smiles! Everyone there is celebrating the same love so don’t worry about going all out with your merch or spending a tonne in the gift store! We are alllll doing that!! I mean my boyfriend put on a wedding dress….

sorry if you follow me on twitter, this will be your second lashing of these beautiful pictures!


Neve x

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  1. I’ve been so excited for the post ever since I seeing the photos on your insta! I am sooo jealous! Definitely gunna have to make the boyfriend take me sometimes soon!

    P. S I love that photo of you and Rachel’s trifle!


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