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A day out in Reeth!

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Doggos, ice cream and insane views!

On Wednesday I had the absolute pleasure of going to Reeth, a tiny lil village in Swaledale, North Yorkshire! It is so incredibly gorgeous and completely surrounded by mountains and incredible scenery that I just had to share my day out!

My mama and her partner Jonathan have been coming here for a couple years now and stay at the Orchard Caravan Park regularly! Last Wednesday they asked us to come visit and after a hour and a half journey we arrived! The windy roads leading into Reeth were awful though, holy cow! So tiny and so windy and with lil old Fred (my car) it was an experience! I didn’t even dare think how they managed it with a caravan!

Once we were there they treated us to a fab lil BBQ lunch followed by a tour of their fave place! Reeth boasts no actual supermarket but a tiny store in the local post office, alongside this, no actual ATM but a cash withdrawal service at the post office! How stinking fab!! Three pubs that are so super dog friendly it’s great! One even gives the doggies a lil bowl when they come in with all sorts of meat and treat goodies! An ice cream parlour with unreal salted caramel ice cream, a gift shop and about one of everything else you could need! The tiny doctors and school just made the place even more special and reinforced how incredibly small it is!

I am just loving this little country village!

I can completely and utterly understand why my mam loves it so much here! Considering it is so small they have so much going on somehow. I always wondered how they spent so much time there! I mean at the moment they have been there for over a week and still don’t come back till Sunday! She however informed me that they hold an annual beer and music festival, have so many walks available and they even have a show! I still cannot believe how great this little place in the middle of nowhere is! All small and beautiful and set in THE most picturesque location.

We went on a lush lil 2 mile walk around the village and surrounding countryside after lunch and a couple coffees. They showed us all there was, from the donkeys in a paddock to an abundance of sheep. Reeth is just such a lovely little place for a day trip! I mean if these pictures don’t tempt you the car park will!  The car park in the village centre consisted of an honesty box! This means that they trust you to pay your car park fee and don’t check! At a mere £2 for all day or £1 an hour I expect everyone is honest! I mean what a bargain!!

Whilst on our walk we stumbled upon a pack of eggs on a bench with another little honesty box next to it. This time it told us that the eggs were £1 per box so obviously Jack and I had to pick some up!  Eggs on a bench half way round our walk, it was a must! As we were helping out a lil farm!!

It just topped off our day!

Funnily enough we somehow ended up stay 6 hours in this lil village. After arriving wondering what on earth we would find to do, we stayed for ages and had an actual blast! After our lovely little walk we headed to the pub I told you about earlier with the dog treats, for a pint! Well a coke for me and biscuits for Colin! As they all enjoyed a “reward pint” for the walk I decide I needed an ice cream and headed over to the lil ice cream parlour for one!

Massive thank you to my wonderful mam and her partner for having us and showing us this lil place! And oh, obviously Colin the dog for being a superb model! It makes us so eager to do it more often and find even more amazing little gems close to our home!

I think we should end this picture filled post with a couple more dog pictures!

Neve x


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