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My relationship on social media, the truth.

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My relationship and social media.

Social media, the be all and end all of our generation. I mean who doesn’t want to show off their life or just chat nonsense these days! It is a fantastic source of income for those lucky enough and an even better way to connect with others online! However….

Everything online is not as it can always appear as I found out recently.

A couple of weeks ago I put a screenshot of an email, my boyfriend had sent me onto my twitter account. It gathered way more attention than I ever even thought it would! I mean I get no likes on like 90% of my tweets. Yet here is this one with a bunch!

As you can see the tweet content is very much an “awww” situation. Well if you love a good bit of romance that is! Jack appears great and my relationship seems like one of those that you see online and compare yours to and tell your other half about. I mean I hold my hand up that even I complain to Jack he isn’t romantic enough or cute! Hey I guess it’s just in us all a tiny bit!


The truth of the matter is Jack had been incredibly bored at work, we had argued all week before this like mad men. Most importantly we had not been on a date or had any romantic happenings for AGES before this. You could say that we were getting far far too comfortable in our relationship and kind of neglecting it!

The thing with social media is that it has this funny power of showing just the best bits of your life. The amazing trip you went on, the great deed that someone did for you and the great adventures you’re up to. I just find for me it is all just a bit of a rose-coloured view, I know mine definitely is! I monitor everything that i put up online, to either not gather a bad reaction or put up a topic some may not agree with. Yet behind the scenes it’s a mare of none romantic lifestyles, messy bedrooms and no make up onesie days.

The tweets attention however did make me think.

All those comments and all those likes made me think, do all those people think this is my daily life? That it is a regular occurrence? That we were happy? Or did they think that it was maybe just a one-off or a cute thought? A lot of the time our relationship is not happy and our relationship is always under renovation as we suss new schedules and what we each personally want to do without the other. But when it is good, it is so damn good. That day it was SO damn good, and yes that date was incredible too. However it was such an unrealistic view of what our normal relationship is like!

I mean let me take you into our relationship a little bit, let’s get a bit personal shall we… Don’t get me wrong I love the kid to bits, I couldn’t live without him but HOLY COW could I shake him and trade him in some days. We bicker 24/7 I mean it’s not us if I’m not shouting “Jaaaaack” and he’s pretending he doesn’t see all of the clutter he leaves in his trail. But hey that is just us and we clash a lot as we are super different people, literal chalk and cheese.

But who cares at the end of the day, love powers through.

Social media and I have always had a tough relationship. I have a hard time not comparing my life, my relationship, body and home to others. Who I feel put their “better” versions online. Yet the thing is, who even knows if theirs is better, if they’re happier? Or whether in reality away from the screen I am happier? I mean who knows.

I guess what I am trying to say is that you cannot always believe what someone puts online. It is sculpted and edited how they want you to see it at the end of the day.

Be happy as yourself. I hope you have enjoyed the social media rejected pictures of Jack and I from the last 2 years!

Neve x


Are we online pals??





5 Replies to “My relationship on social media, the truth.”

  1. Loved this honest post Neve! I often wonder if it’s just my relationship that’s not all hearts and flowers all the time when I see posts online 😂

    Your post made me realise that people really do only show the good bits and all relationships go through crap!

    Liv xx

    1. Thank you so much Liv!! I do too, but I mean who needs hearts and flowers alllll the time! I’m so glad you enjoyed this post!! xxx

  2. I lovedddd this, thank you for being so honest!

    Me and Mark are crazy different and bicker like an old married couple most days too so it’s really nice to hear the realities of relationships talked about online for a change!

    Chloe xx

    1. It felt like such a relief being honest! It is also nice to hear about couples similar to us!! Thank you Chloe! xxx

  3. I love your honesty in this. I think you two are adorable together, but I can imagine – based on my own experiences – what else goes on that everyone else doesn’t get to see. One of the biggest mistakes I made in a past relationship was only ever putting good stuff on social media and when the time came to end the relationship, people couldn’t believe it. Lots of questions were fired my way and, since then, I’d tried to have a bit more balance, or just enjoy the good bits for what they are, rather than putting them online.

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