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An Autumn bucket list

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Leaves, pumpkins and cozy jumpers.

With autumn well and truly under way I have complied a list of my most favourite autumn activities! This has seriously got to be one of my favourite seasons. From the snacks to the cold and the activities, this season is the one for meeee.

So lets just kick off this autumnal bucket list!

  • Make pumpkin soup!! This is a must for me, I love pumpkin soup and making it gets me so in the Halloween spirit it’s crazy!
  • Carve Pumpkins.

  • Crunch leaves on an autumn walk through the park or wood or even just your neighbourhood!
  • Or just go for a walk?
  • Wrap up super warm and pull out all your hats and scarfs from the years before.
  • Drink all of the pumpkin spiced drinks!

  • Buy and use some sparklers!
  • Make Bonfire-night plans!
  • Watch a spooky show! Mine this year was Sabrina and it is a MUST watch!!
  • Begin to plan cute homemade Christmas presents! I am that person, what can I say!
  • Stare at the leaves changing.
  • Go on a spooky Halloween walk! We did Terror in the Tress this year! After attending Beamish Halloween night!

  • Put the heating on! The end of October is when I allow for the heating to be turned on, I’m a big “put a jumper” on person, sorry!
  • Dress up for a Halloween night out or party or just for fun at home! Jack and I went as a Hunter and a Deer this year!

Oh deer…

  • Spend a tonne of time snuggled up under a blanket.
  • Crack out the slow cooker! Urgh, THE best cooking appliance!
  • Gather up all your Christmas and cosy books to read over the next couple months!
  • Explore your local area. We visited High Force Waterfall near us recently and it was fab! So beautiful and a great lil day out! We also keep going to the beach near ours!!

  • Make a list of what you want to do before the end of the year.
  • Eat so much soup and mashed potatoes!  YUM.
  • Decorate for Autumn! Leaves and pumpkins and haystacks and candles! Get them allll out! Or just decorate for all seasons, that’s what I do ahahah!

  • See what’s happening in your community! Our Christmas lights turn on is soon and I cannot wait!
  • Take a weekend get away. I know a tonne of people who do this, either for markets or just a breather! We went to Keswick a couple of weekends ago for a lovely break!
  • Have so much fun you forget how absolutely chilly it’s getting.

I hope that my autumn bucket list gives you some fun inspiration for the rest of the season and into winter! I do not want it to end at all!

What is your autumn must do? Did I forget it??

Neve x

4 Replies to “An Autumn bucket list”

  1. YES to all of this! Walking through crunchy leaves is THE BEST. I love your halloween costume, by the way – made me laugh out loud when I saw it on Instagram. Oh, and that waterfall looks amaaaaazing.

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