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My name is Neve and welcome to my lil blog! I’m a 20 year old primary education student from the North East of England! I live with my boyfriend Jack and a ridiculous amount of clothing and pictures!

What made me start blogging?

I have always, always, always had a huge passion for writing, note taking and of course rambling so whilst I was away in March 2018 I decided now was the time to step out of my comfort zone and spread some internet blog love! When I was younger I used to write stories online that were a big hit and I thought I should probably pick up my old creative outlet!

What might you find on my blog?

Absolutely everything and anything! I blog my adventures, whether a weekend away, day out or full blow major holiday! I blog about my fave recipes, home hauls, clothes, my monthly goals, tips and tricks and literally anything that takes my fancy! I have a series called Dear Neve in which I write letters to myself, alongside this I have a Travel with me series where I take you along on my travels! In this series I take you along the before, during and after of my holiday, what I will pack, all the preparation and my itinerary!

Who am I?

I’m a sarcastic, rather excitable gal who has a major TV addiction and a passion for banana bread! I love going on long walks, the sun, keeping up to date with whats going on in my local area and spending time with my family! As I said above I grew up abroad with my parents being super adventurous  and through them I have gained such a love of travel, culture and adventure! You can most likely find me behind my camera on a beach sipping on a nice cold latte!

Now take a seat, come on in and enjoy my little corner of the internet!

Neve x


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