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Amsterdam – My trip day by day!

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Last week I had the absolute pleasure to once again explore my favourite city, Amsterdam! It has seriously been one of my most visited cities since forever, my uncle lives nearby and I’ve even been able to spend  Christmas in this wonderful place.

The culture and the wide variety of different people who you can see (or watch) is absolutely fab! This beautiful city has so much to offer and so much to do if you look in the right places! So let’s go through my time there!!


Day one:

We arrived pretty much at mid day and as soon as we dumped all our things at the hostel we went off searching the streets around our new base! The tiny lil busy streets are so easy to get lost in and oh my do I not mind! On the evening we ventured into the Red Light District stopping at my favourite ramen place, Ramen-Ya! I for one am an absolute sucker for good ramen and gyoza and here never fails!!


Day two:

We took it nice and easy today especially since it was still raining! We began our day by visiting the I am Amsterdam sign in the museum district (obviously climbing it and taking a TONNE of pictures!) before going to another of my favourite food places! Ted’s! This little brunch place is such a hidden gem within Amsterdam, it’s out of the way and completely unreal and a must visit! We rounded off our day today with a trip to Body Worlds, a museum which looks at the human body (obvs) which was super educational and a super fun couple hours!


Day three:

The rain had finally stopped today so Jack and I took our chance, made up a HUGE picnic and headed off to Keukenhof, the tulip gardens! This was by far the greatest thing we did on our trip! At £23 a ticket it was beyond worth the travel, money and time! The gardens were huge, picturesque and beyond anything I could have imagined! I’m going to put all of my pictures from my trip into the photo section of my blog so go check them out to see the beauty of this day! We spent 5 hours walking amongst all this insane nature and god was it refreshing!


Day four:

Today was definitely my second favourite day. We started off by visiting the Van Gogh museum (bleh) and not going to lie it actually sucked, we got bored and had to leave. It’s fair to say that it was not for us and oh how I wish I could have enjoyed it! We then decided to hire bikes, how super cheap! At £8 for 4 hours it was so worth it! We cycled for 3 hours straight going way out of the centre and seeing the most beautiful outer districts. In this time we also went to the cutest park called Amstelpark where we saw llamas! We biked all the way home following the river seeing house boat after house boat!

29996102_2096949003667692_380002085_oDay five:

Our last day! We were leaving at 10 at night so we had a lovely full day to go! We worked at first downstairs at the hostel before going out for coffee by the canal. After getting bored and tired we decided to head to the supermarket and grab another picnic to take to the airport with us and headed off!


It’s fair to say that this trip has been the best we’ve taken this year so far, I drank WAY too much fresh mint tea and walked so much but it was a blast! I highly recommend each and every activity I mentioned above (apart from the one museum!) and if you’d love to see my pictures go have a look in my pictures! Hope you loved this new blog post and leave me some love in the comments and likes!

Neve x

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