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10 Facts about me!

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After 4 blog posts and not too much about me, myself and I, I feel like it’s time to get to know me a bit more! So here I am on a rainy Saturday trying to figure out some fun lil facts about myself! To be perfectly honest it took some digging to think of 10 interesting facts about myself because I’m just me and on a whole most of the things I thought of were pretty darn boring so here’s my top 10!

Number 1

I grew up in 20 different houses across 3 different countries! I know wtf that’s so many but my parents were super adventurous and so when I was in year 2 we moved to New Zealand from England and after a couple of years there and once my dad fulfilled his dream of building a house we set off to Spain traveling around the world as we went! After living in Spain for 4 years we moved back to England! (GOSH I wish we hadn’t but hey ho!)

Jack and I in his hometown!


Number 2

I am still pretty darn fluent in Spanish, 10 years on and I’ve still got it! I feel like it mayyyy help I happened to find myself a Spanish boyfriend at uni (what are the chances i know!) and we talk often in Spanish for fun! It truly does help though having learnt Spanish from being at Spanish school and having to be immersed in the language to be honest!

Bass Week


Number 3

I’m a sailor, I haven’t sailed in a couple of years now but I used to own my own boat and go to regatta weeks (Bass is my faaave!) and compete! I got into it one summer in Spain and just had to continue when we moved back to England! A summer’s day on the water cannot be beat I swear.


Number 4

I have 6 brothers and sisters (4 step and 2 biological), 5 nieces and 4 parents! You can say Christmas is pretty darn expensive and hectic hahaha!

Number 5

I have a crazy mad addiction to hot sauce, Franks is my fave but I’m currently hooked on Sriracha!


Number 6

I’m completely and utterly dying to move country, I just cannot stand being in one place for too long and even though I’ve lived in 6 houses in the past 5 years being in England just is not for me! Since being abroad so much as I grew up it just doesn’t feel like home and I crave so desperately to move elsewhere.

Number 7

I own a tiny lil Ford Ka I got for Christmas a couple of years ago who I named Freddie. He is my absolute pride and joy – even if he’s completely bashed up – and I’m so upset that he wont last till the end of this year!

Number 8

I’m an obsessive cleaner and I make a damn mean soup, and banana bread! It’s just my little speciality, my parents always laugh and joke because I’ve been domesticated and cooking forever but I don’t know soup is just my little kitchen talent and gosh does everyone in my life get excited when its pumpkin season! Yup pumpkin is my number 1!!

june july 07 076
My sister and I when we lived in Spain.

Number 9

I study primary education at university and completely and utterly do not enjoy it right now! I’m really unsure if it’s what I would like to pursue as a career, I much prefer the idea of teaching english as a foreign language however that’s pretty difficult in an english country!

Number 10

Lastly! I began my first adventure as a baby I believe it was before I was even 1 and since then I have traveled to about 17 countries! I have done some incredible activities from husky dog sledding to swimming in the great barrier reef before I was 10 I had visited 4 continents with this year tackling my 5th!


Traveling and visiting new places has always been a passion of mine that I got from my crazy travelling parents and was instilled to me from birth! But I guess that’s what happens when your parents have done nothing but bounce country to country since they were teens!



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10 Replies to “10 Facts about me!”

  1. This was so fun to read! Your childhood sounds so exciting! I love that your parents were that adventurous. You definitely need to move countries! Teach as a foreign language, you’re already bi-lingual anyway. Don’t waste time doing something you don’t love x


    1. You are too sweet omg! Thank you so much, it was pretty epic (of what i can remember ahahh) Don’t worry i 110% plan on leaving ASAP! You’re so right, whats the point in waiting around?? x

  2. I loved reading your post! I’m a teacher too and it really is a rewarding job. There are plenty of EAL (English Additional Language) positions out there, I’m sure you’ll find something 🙂

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