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Bishop Auckland Food Festival 2018

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Last Saturday Jack and I were stuck for what to do so as everyone does we went online and tried to find out what was on in our local area and came across the Bishop Auckland Food Festival. Even though Bishop Auckland is a close 40 minutes away we had never been! So we thought this was the perfect chance to go to this beautiful town!

With the event having free entry and a TONNE of food stalls we just had to go! The Food Festival held an amazing number of food trucks and traders at over 120 in total! They had everything from Crispy duck wraps to a Yorkie wrap (YUM!). They even had vintage ice cream and baked goods! The quality of goods there was to buy was also completely insane but I’ll get onto that in a min!


The Festival was held all around the town hall and surrounding St Anne’s Church. Many of the stalls still going even further into the surrounding square! The food festival was held next to the most beautiful grassed area with an old church or castle housed there! We opted to leave the car at the park and ride and for £2 each. We then got the bus there that the food festival provided! It was perfect, the bus came every 15 minutes and we didn’t have to pay a horrific amount for a day parking!


Alongside all of the different food to buy and sell there was also a load of workshops going on!

A book signing, a school of artisan food, a gin school and a live cookery show that was there for free where you could see professional chefs doing their thing! There was also a celeb chef cookery theatre for those super into cooking or fancied seeing a celeb! Many of the workshops you had to pay for, which is a given alongside the cookery theatre for celeb chefs! There was still plenty for families and everyone to do and see for a super cheap day out in the sun!


Funnily enough Jack and I had brought our own picnic! Yes I know we went to a food festival and took food! But it was a fab plan as we could save money and also sit in the beautiful grounds with other picnickers! I truly didn’t feel like I had missed out not trying the food! We had gone to see somewhere new and for a cheap day out in the sun.


The amount of people at Bishop Auckland’s Food Festival on Saturday in the beautiful sunshine was insane!

I mean gosh I couldn’t breathe at times it was so packed but as we neared the traders I was so happy to still be there! After trying a tonne of different foods and drinks on offer, the toffee vodka was my fave thing I tried not going to lie, and we happened upon Yorkshire Drizzle!  We sampled some fab oils and balsamic vinegar and just had to leave with three! We opted for the raspberry balsamic which is utterly divine and just makes me want to eat salad all day everyday! Then also picked up the smoked oil alongside the garlic oil! After buying three for £10, which is super cheap if you ask me, im 110% buying my dad some for his birthday this year!


After leaving Bishop Auckland and the food festival Jack and I took on board the man at the stall’s idea and went home to make a load of food! I utilised the oils we had just bought and made a salad with the raspberry balsamic. To accompany it I made smoked garlic chicken! Thank you so much to the guy at the stall who suggested mixing the oils as OH MY it was unreal! I also went ahead and made a smoked garlic mayo sauce to dip carrots in and it was so good I can’t even explain it!


SInce visiting Bishop Auckland for the first time on saturday I’m eager to go back! To look around properly and would love any suggestions of where to go or what to see in the comments if you know anywhere!

Well so I had a fab little Saturday cooking with my new fave things and visiting The 2018 Bishop Auckland Food Festival! What did you get up to on saturday?


Neve x

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24 Replies to “Bishop Auckland Food Festival 2018”

  1. This sounds like an amazing day out! I don’t blame you for taking a picnic as food at those type of things can get really expensive and the weather was beautiful enough to sit out an enjoy it! We went on a day trip on Saturday to enjoy the sunshine too! We ended up in Hereford to see the poppies at the Cathedral which was a smaller version of the ones they had at the Tower of London it was beautiful to see!

    Jess //

    1. It really was!! they really really are i mean the trucks for sure up their prices for these things! Wow, i bet that was SO beautiful! I’ve always wanted to visit a poppy art display style thing like that and have never had the chance sadly! xx

      1. They definitely do! It’s like I love going to the German market at Christmas and I get so much food from there but it’s always super expensive! The poppies are actually ‘touring’ if you Google ‘where are the poppies now’ it tells you the upcoming places so you can see if there are any near you!xx

  2. This sounds amazing! I wish there were more food festivals like this around me (I think I’ll have to do a bit googling and see), it sounds like a really chill, lovely way to spend your weekend!

    Beka |

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