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50 things that make me happy

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Happy Saturday!

So I’ve been feeling rather down lately so to remember all the good I have in my life I thought I’d do something a lil different and remind myself of 50 things that make me happy (in a totally random order) and hopefully inspire you guys to have a little think.

Off we go!

  1. Freshly cut grass
  2. My nieces and family
  3. Altea
  4. Travelling
  5. Writing about anything and everything, lists to blog posts or just a random post it notes.
  6. Tv shows
  7. Thinking about all the places I’ve had the pleasure of visiting
  8. Thinking about my goals and dreams
  9. The sound of a jar seal popping
  10. Getting out of my comfort zone
  11. Being in a no signal area and just having to talk
  12. Sailing on the sea by myself
  13. Sleeping in
  14. Giraffes
  15. Anything homeware, vases to cushions to lamps
  16. The feeling of getting a new tattoo
  17. My boyfriend
  18. White sand beaches
  19. Swimming with tropical fish, turtles and dolphins
  20. knowing that my mental health is on the up and up and I now have a future
  21. Pin boards full of ideas and memories
  22. Cooking for others
  23. Hot air balloons in the sky
  24. The heat as you step off a plane
  25. Flowers, plants, bushes and trees.
  26. Bees

  27. The smell of books in libraries and book stores
  28. Cleaning
  29. Scrap booking each years memories as gifts
  30. Boxes wrapped in ribbons in tiny bags
  31. The children at school beaming because you helped them, supported them and listened to them.
  32. When people talk to me, over twitter, in person, at the bus stop, in a queue
  33. People who return a question you ask them
  34. Trainer socks
  35. Fresh cold water
  36. Coffee, coffee and syrup, cold coffee, flavoured coffee. All coffee.
  37. Pumpkins, pumpkin patches, pumpkin soup
  38. Being outdoors
  39. Hiking or walking
  40. Ticking things off my bucket list
  41. Camping, camp fires, the sound of nature at night
  42. Getting over any fears like jumping off a cliff into water
  43. Harry Potter, the books and the movies
  44. Old doors
  45. Tiny little towns/villages and the old towns in Spain
  46. The county side
  47. The sea
  48. Books and reading
  49. Sunsets and sunrises
  50. Being me.

So there you have it, 50 things that make me happy! I really hope that you enjoyed this little list, I had the best time putting it together and to be honest it made me incredibly happy and realise how lucky I truly am!

Neve x

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