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Hey lovelies! So I thought to begin this months goals I would recap last months! You can read all of those here! Last month I set myself my first set of goals and it was incredibly rewarding to achieve (well try to)  each and every one of them. I set my goals higher than I thought I would ever  be able to achieve, should we have a lil look and see if I got anywhere with them??

April blog goals!

  1. 50 blog followers – I am so so SO proud to say I made it and surpassed it with 63!! I cannot believe it, I’m so incredibly thankful and happy, thank you all so very much!
  2. To get 100 views on my blog – Once again I’m super excited to say I accomplished this! I got 485 views in April and I’m so blown away!
  3. To write 2/3 posts a week – I did this too and I’m even more passionate than I was when I began this blog!
  4. To get my twitter to 500 followers – I am currently 3 off 600! I can tick this one-off too! I love this feeling of accomplishing my goals, especially when there’s so many amazing people helping me to achieve them!!
  5. To grow and self promote and be proud – I have for sure done this, I am so proud of myself and I am continuing to grow! Woo woo!



pril personal goals!

  1. To read at least 1 book – well nearly! I read half a book!!! Anyway no, I sadly did not manage this goal!
  2. To finish uni with no absences – well I was completely hopeless at this so its a big nope!
  3. To stick to my gym routine – YES YES YES I have managed this, in the last week I’ve even lost 3kg!!
  4. Spend more time on walks – I have in fact spent a load more time outdoors which is super super nice!
  5. To drink no pop – finally, I’m most proud of myself for this because I did in fact accomplish this, I drank no pop! Considering my mass addiction to coke I didn’t think it would work and it did!!

So now onto my May Goals, I decided this month to just have 6 general goals for myself – let’s go!

Number One!

I would love to continue to grow and so I’m setting myself the goal of 1000 twitter followers and getting 600 views on my blog alongside 70 blog followers. To be honest this goal this month isn’t one I will be too disappointed if I do not achieve because I know I am setting my goals high and you never know what is going to happen!

Number Two!

I would love to learn way more about SEO and DA and getting my blog so much more serious, I want to learn how to Pinterest and use it way more to help my blog grow etc! This for me will be such a hard goal but the goal i’m aiming most for! I struggle super hard understanding all these different terms, how they all work and wtf they are even for! But lets give it a gooooo!

Number Three!

Get myself sorted for Bali and write posts about it, posts about all the preparation, our itinerary, who we are going with, how long I’m there for, what I’m packing! I want to bring my blog on THE most exciting trip of my little life so far and that 110% includes the prep beforehand and filling in all the little gaps!

Number Four!

I got super inspired after my blog post with Roads we Take and I want to begin a letter series on my blog on various different topics and collaborating with other bloggers! I loved writing this letter and funnily enough before they contacted me I was already planning this series and since I got the chance to pick what I wanted to write for them I thought it would be a great idea to try out a letter! So here I am introducing as a goal to have a letter post on my blog once a week for a number of week! (To be confirmed obvs)

Number Five!

To let loose. I’m a very organised, stressed and I have to be in control of every aspect of my life, I hate going with the flow and letting go and it’s actually annoying TF out of me! I must must must this month learn to relax a little and let go. I mean I can’t control everything in my life or have everything pre planned to the T. So let’s go a lil wild.

Number Six!

To take way more cute pictures for my insta and finally change my username to Lifewithneve! This month I took a leap, secured my username (on a separate account) and took my personal off private, putting my blog link in my bio! Last thing to do is just delete my secured username account and change my user to LifewithNeve! Scary scary scary scary!

IMG_20180504_193503.jpgThere we have it, 7 days late but still a months goals! I love setting goals and seeing how many I can achieve, here’s to another month blogging and a new set of goals!

Neve x

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24 Replies to “May Goals”

  1. Well done on reaching so many goals!! You have had such a fab month 🙂 am sure you will make progress with your new goals too, I can’t wait to hear more about Bali, I’m so jealous!

  2. Woah you smashed your April goals well done! I also want to learn about SEO and DA – I’ve been blogging a while but it’s only recently it’s become a long and hard-working passion and I’m so keen to grow and improve myself. If you ever fancy collaborating please let me know as I’d love to! Char // xx

  3. Wow! Congratulations on smashing your April goals lovely! Good luck with the new goals you’ve set I hope you manage to meet these too! I’d love to learn more about Pinterest to promote my blog too I just can’t get my head round it!

    Jess //

    1. Thank you thank you thank you! You’re so lovely! Neither can I, it feel like such an unknown territory right now! Thank you so much for commenting beaut! x

  4. I love your goals! And congrats on all these accomplishments! You did soooo much in the month of April and I’m proud of you for doing it! Honestly the more I blog the more passionate I become about it! Great post!

  5. Aww wow you did an amazing job in April! So happy for you. I have no doubt that you’ll smash your May goals, too.

    With regards to DA and Pinterest, I’ve read a few useful blogs/articles about them recently. I had to read them a few times to try and get my head around them but trust me, you will get there. I’ll try and find them again and send them to you on Twitter.

    As for SEO, that’s a bit trickier but the Yoast SEO plug-in is a godsend if you’re not already using it. Again, I’ll have a look for blogs I’ve been using and send them your way if I think they’d be useful. 🙂

    Well done again, Neve! Here’s to achieving lots more great things in May.

    Ruth |

    1. You are literally a godsend 🙌🏼 Thank you so so so SO much Ruth! That’s so freaking lovely of you and so bloody helpful! Ahhh I can’t wait to master this now thanks to you! x

  6. This post is so inspiring! Go girl go! You’re amazing for accomplishing so much. I love the goals you’ve set for May and I’m wishing you the best of luck! Also I love your style 💕

    1. Thank you so so much! Ahhh you’re really too sweet!! Omg girl thank you so much!! I wish you the best of luck in May too, I hope it’s as fulfilling as it can be!

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