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How to spend 48 hours in London and see everything.

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Gooooood Morning!

Can you even see London in 48 hours? Hell yes! This gal spent 48 hours in London over Notting Hill Carnival weekend and we ticked off each and every major attraction! We even fit in a tonne of fun and chill time in between!

Let me take you back to August!¬† We arrived on the Saturday evening and after hanging out in our room getting settled Jack and I headed out. We stopped off first at Covent Garden, walked around, watched their famous street performers and then headed out for what I had truly gone to London for… Chipotle.

I am not even lying when I say Chipotle is the BEST place on earth.

After Covent Garden we stopped off at Trafalgar Square on our way to the London Eye. Being me we stopped for pictures and a small photo shoot. Once we finally got to The London Eye we took a stroll around South Bank. Noticing how close Big Ben and The houses of Parliament were we nipped over for a look. Both sadly had scaffolding around and not very pretty for my pictures but hey ho, I’m still in London! Once we walked over all the cute bridges and saw everything from my Saturday evening List we went to the South Bank Centre for a free pre Notting Hill Carnival party!

We literally stumbled upon this fab little free event. Loud music, dancing and fun, hell yeah! After this we went to the Underbelly festival just along from the South Bank centre for a couple of drinks and chill before calling it a night!

Saturday came and we got up early for the free breakfast at our hostel before heading out for an early start at the carnival! Sadly the rain came pouring down and after 3 hours Jack and I called it quits. We headed to Cafe Nero, regrouped our plans for the day and decided that the Natural History Museum was definitely our best call! We spent all afternoon there before deciding that we had to get on with our bucket list! So off we went to Buckingham Palace, Hyde park, The Marble Arch, Oxford and Regent street!

Considering this was just the 24 hours in London mark I feel like we deserved a medal at this point! I mean how on earth we had accidentally managed this was beyond me but I was so chuffed! Since we fit in so SO much we decided that on Sunday before our train at 3 that we should fit in even more!

Sunday we began in Camden, we walked, had fab coffee and just truly enjoyed ourselves so much!

The best part of going to London was the fact that one of Jack’s besties lives there! I have never had the chance to meet her before this and when I knew we were going down I forced him to make us get together! So lunch time on the Sunday we trotted back off to Notting Hill where she lives and went for brunch at hers with her boyfriend! It was actually such a lovely way to conclude our trip!

After brunch went to 221b Baker Street! I mean it was a must! I just had to get a quick picture of Sherlock’s home before rushing off to our train! Not before our first Five Guys though! Oh lord who knew a burger, fries and a milkshake could be sooooo good – yet so pricey! We then tried to and even waited in line for a picture at Kings Cross’ Harry Potter wall. However after an hour in the queue and still about 30 minutes from the front I had a tantrum and left… Well I had a mental tantrum and ran to my train!

So there you have it! Bossing 48 hours in London! I mean what did we miss? Shopping? Another 4 meals at Chipotle? Not much I can tell you that!

So what is my advice for anyone trying to see it all in a short space of time?

Definitely to plan ahead what you want to see.

To see how much time you have each day, decided which activities or sites may take the longest and prioritise! Just how I chose Five Guys over my Harry Potter picture…

Have an oyster card and maps on your phone! Fully charged and with enough data! This was our saving grace! Since we were there on a paid trip with university we had pre paid Oyster cards that we used all day every day! You’ll need your data and maps to find the quickest route to your chosen destination! Maps is fab as you put in where you want to go and just click the public transport tab! It then comes us telling you the closest station, how long you must walk for, which tubes to change over onto and what platform etc.

Lastly my last tip for bossing London in 48 hours. Have fun with it! If you are rushing place to place and worrying you won’t see it all then there is no point! Take a stroll, grab a coffee between stops, breathe. Travelling and seeing new places is all about having fun!

Have you guys ever bossed something in a short amount of time? What is your fave part of London??

Thank you for sticking with me during a rough patch. I love you guys.

Neve x

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