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2018, My Year In Review.

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Where the flip has 2018 gone. 

A couple minutes ago it felt like January 1st2018 yet here we are a full year later and funnily enough I am the exact same gal.

This year has had the highest highs and the lowest lows yet still taken me on the wildest summer adventure ever! 

Let’s be super honest, this year has been a pain in my butt. It has challenged me to no end and taken me soooooo far out of my comfort zone. I mean this blog post for example! This is the second time I am writing it because my draft didn’t save, from here on out I shall be drafting on Word. Lesson learnt however it fully describes my year. Full of sudden turns and having to start a fresh. 

This past year had a phrase that followed me throughout and it was my comfort zone. Each and everything I had and accomplished this year, big or small, was through getting out of my comfort zone. It started with this blog and ended on a Christmas without my family.

2018 began in Sierra Nevada with my love and has ended right back in his home in Spain. New year’s night we spent surrounded by Spanish popping grapes into our mouths and smiling ridiculously eternally grateful for the past year. 

I did so much this year its crazy to look back on!

This past year I visited; Bali, Spain and Holland. I took day trips and weekends away to; Edinburgh, Reeth, Derby, Coventry, Keswick and Windermere. I camped at unbelievably blue lakes, snorkelled with turtles, climbed a volcano at sunrise, saw the most beautiful tulip gardens and turned 21. It has been one heck of a ride for sure!

I developed a lot of self-confidence this year and I learnt so much about myself, like no matter where I am in the world, I’m still a control freak. Alongside that, I also met some of the most incredible people who I love dearly and as per argued and grew a tonne with jack.

I joined a new church this year too, started serving, became a part of a weekly group, made incredible pals and brought God forward. Somehow I began my third and final year of teacher training and by summer I shall be a qualified teacher! Third year so far has seen me complete so many assignments and therefore stress has also been a common theme throughout this year. 

From second year placement stress to an assignment every two weeks and beginning my dissertation, stress has been so ever present it hurts. 2018 encouraged me to achieve my dreams and go for things that I never had the nerve for before. Like Camp America – which was also stressful. Last year I applied for, got interviewed and finished my application to spend my summer in America!! How flipping exciting and completely out of my comfort zone.

This next year will be filled with even more stress as I apply for my masters, await my final graduating grade, complete my dissertation and complete my third-year placement. Alongside this I hope to get placed at a camp and blog soooooooooo much more! 

I cannot wait for the year to come, to visit new places, have new experiences and to grow even more as a person. As the years progress, I am learning so much more about myself and how much of a stress head I am, and I love it. 

Let’s see what this year has to bring to the table! 

Neve x

ps. Each year I make Jack a scrap book to remind him of all of our adventures. This year he suggested I use said scrap book for my images for this blog so enjoy!

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